Carnival Celebration Scavenger Hunt: Fun Way to Explore the Ship

Carnival Celebration is the brand new cruise ship from Carnival Cruise Line and it cleverly celebrates 50 years of Carnival Cruises with cruise ship nostalgia hidden in plain sight. Download and take this fun Carnival Celebration Scavenger Hunt with you onboard to help you spot them all.

This is a fun way to explore the ship and find some cool things that have been added to this cruise ship.

Carnival Cruise Line

Where should you start the Carnival Celebration Scavenger Hunt?

If you decide to do the whole scavenger hunt in one go, I’d recommend starting in the Celebration Central Zone. Here you’ll find the first item to tick off your list.

You could also choose to keep the scavenger hunt with you and check things off as you see them throughout your cruise.

There are 18 things to check off the list and all can be found in three zones on Carnival Celebration:

  • Carnival Central
  • The Gateway
  • 820 Biscayne

Carnival Celebration Ship Tour

To help you prepare for your cruise on Carnival Celebration you should also watch this video, showing you the six zones onboard.

Carnival Celebration Scavenger Hunt Printable

You can download and print the Carnival Celebration Scavenger Hunt to take with you on your cruise. Don’t forget to pack it!

Carnival Celebration Scavenger Hunt printable

Clues and Information for the Carnival Celebration Scavenger Hunt

I’d recommend that you watch this handy video to help you to discover the cool nostalgia on Carnival Celebration and the history of Carnival Cruise Line. It will help you to find the items and learn more about them.

I’ve also written a post that highlights 12 cool facts about the new Carnival Celebration. it’s definitely worth a read if your planning a cruise on this ship.

Tropicale Bar

The Tropicale Bar is named after the Carnival Tropicale ship, which was the first ship to sport the iconic red, white and blue Carnival funnel.  Here you can enjoy cocktails, wine and beer, whilst enjoying the entertainment in the three-storey atrium.

Carnival Tropicale entered service in 1982 and was sold to various other cruise lines including Costa Cruises and was actually only scrapped in 2021.

Rolls Royce from Carnival Ecstasy Moved to Carnival Celebration

On the promenade in Celebration Central you will spot the 1934 vintage Rolls Royce that was originally on Carnival Ecstasy.  Carnival Ecstasy took its final cruise in October 2022. Earlier that year, the car was taken off by crane and transferred to Carnival Celebration.

rolls royce on carnival celebration scavenger hunt
1934 Rolls Royce from Carnival Ecstasy

Aquaria Bar Glass Mural

Just off the atrium on Deck 7 is the Aquaria Bar.  Look closely at the ocean-themed glass mural pulled from Carnival Victory before she became Carnival Radiance.  This is such a cool feature and just one of many nostalgic touches you will spot on Carnival Celebration.

This is such a creative way to include an element of an old cruise ship on this brand new one.

Carnivale Cruise Ship Model

Next to the Golden Jubilee is the Carnivale main dining room, with a model of the original ship at the entrance.  Carnivale was the second Carnival ship that entered service in 1975 and was formerly Empress of Britain.

The Carnivale Restaurant has assigned seating for dinner.

Cruise Ship Coins

Let’s move on to the area on Carnival Celebration that is dedicated to fun ship nostalgia – the Golden Jubilee. The Golden Jubilee is named in honour of 50 years of Carnival Cruises.  This bar is literally filled with nostalgia!

Outside the Golden Jubilee you’ll spot coins in the floor representing every Carnival cruise ship, through its 50-year history.

Along the wall are a series of dioramas that reflect every decade of Carnival Cruises so you can literally step back in time and see what it was like to cruise with Carnival through the ages.

carnival celebration coin
Can you find the Carnival Celebration coin?

Engine Telegraph from TSS Carnivale

If you follow the cruise ship coins, you’ll see the original engine telegraph that was installed on TSS Carnivale in 1955. It’s guaranteed to be a popular photo opportunity spot.  

carnival celebration scavenger hunt engine telegraph from TSS Carnivale

Find the Cruise Ship Blueprints on the Carnival Celebration Scavenger Hunt

In the Golden Jubilee look up to see blueprints showing the evolution of Carnival’s Fun Ships, including some hand-drawn designs by Carnival architect Joe Farcus.

Nightclub Doors from TSS Carnivale

Before you even enter the Golden Jubilee bar, you are met with with original glass nightclub doors from TSS Carnivale. The cool thing about this is that you can physically walk through Carnival’s history.

 original glass nightclub doors from TSS Carnivale
Walk through history

Replica Floor Tiles from TSS Mardi Gras Ballroom

The floor tiles around the bar have a maple leaf pattern reminiscent of the motif from the Grand Ballroom on TSS Mardi Gras.

Carnival Celebration Scavenger Hunt: Etched Glass Partition from TSS Mardi Gras

This is the original etched glass, nickel and mahogany partition wall with 24 windowpanes from TSS Mardi Gras’ casino. It divides the Golden Jubilee from the memorabilia walkway.

Golden Jubilee Bar
Golden Jubilee

Cocktail Tables from Carnival Fascination

Inside the bar are cocktail tables from Carnival Fascination’s Hollywood Boulevard that have sketches representing movie classics by iconic caricaturist Al Hirschfeld.  Al included his daughter’s name, Nina, in many of his drawings so see if you can spot it here.

Find the Replica Chairs from the Riverboat Lounge on the Scavenger Hunt

The chairs in the Golden Jubilee are replicas of the chairs that were found in TSS Carnivale’s Riverboat Lounge.

Bronze Statue of Carnival Founder

In the Golden Jubilee, don’t miss the original bronze statue of Carnival founder Ted Arison and Finnish shipbuilder Martin Saarikangas. It was given as a gift from the Helsinki shipyard that built Carnival Sensation.

carnival celebration bronze statue
Bronze statue in the Golden Jubilee

Round Portholes on Carnival Celebration

Near the bronze statue, you can see the round porthole windows that were typically found on the original Carnival ships.

Glass Bar Inserts from TSS Carnivale

If you look carefully you can spot the mirror inserts integrated into the bar front and bottle display. These were inspired by the etched glass inserts of TSS Carnivale’s main lobby doors.

Original Carnival Logo

The specialised menu in the Golden Jubilee bar features an early version of line’s logo from the ‘70s. It also features the most popular cocktails throughout the decades since 1972, Carnival’s founding year. 

Everything in the Golden Jubilee means something, so spend some time here and raise a glass to 50 years of fun ships!

Carnival Celebration Scavenger Hunt: Festivale Dining Room

Both main dining rooms on Carnival Celebration are named after former Carnival cruise ships: Carnivale and Festivale.

The Festivale Restaurant is where you can come for breakfast, sea day brunch, lunch and dinner with Your Time Dining.  This is the larger of the two dining restaurants onboard. It spans decks 6 and 7 and is named after the third ship in the Carnival fleet.

This dining room has a distinctive 70s retro vibe in keeping with the Festivale ship.

The Carnival Celebration Zone Named after the Address of the Original Headquarters

On Carnival Celebration, there is a new zone named in honour of it’s original address.

Here is your clue:

820 Biscayne zone
Which zone is this?

Carnival Cruise Lines is a classic tale of the American Dream. It was started by the late Ted Arison, in 1972 with a secondhand ship and just enough fuel to make a one-way trip from Miami to San Juan. The rest, as they say, is history!

Carnival Cruises pays homage to so many ships on Carnival Celebration, I felt it deserved a dedicated scavenger hunt highlighting the many creative and thoughtful ways that 50 years are being celebrated on this ship.

Scavenger Hunt on Carnival Celebration

I’d really love to find out how you got on with the scavenger hunt. Please leave a comment after you’ve completed it and let me know how you did.

If you think more things should be added to the scavenger hunt list, let me know in the comments.

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