Best Ways to Beat the Cruise Blues

It’s so sad when you reach the end of your cruise. The feeling starts with the dreaded suitcases outside cabins on the last night of the cruise. There have been even more people suffering recently because COVID-19 has led to the temporary suspension of cruises. In this post, I take a look at some fun and simple ways to beat cruise withdrawal symptoms (A.K.A. Cruise Blues).

Cruise Blues Tip 1: Recreate your Favourite Cruise Cocktails

Whether it’s a Margarita or a Beverley Hills Iced Tea, find your favourite cocktail recipe and start mixing!

Princess Cruises have come up with their Top 10 Cocktails to help you get started. My personal favourite is the Dirty Banana and the Sapphire Princess cocktail (recipe in the link), exclusive to Sapphire Princess cruisers. You could also try out some of the cruise line’s newest cocktail recipes.

A nice easy one to try is a Bellini, made with peach purée and Prosecco. I also enjoy making an Aperol Spritz, which reminds me of Italy.


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