The best cruise prank ever!

For April Fool’s Day I thought it would only be right to share a prank that was carried out among friends whilst on a recent cruise.  But first, I must tell you the events that led to the prank being concocted and skillfully delivered.

In January, nine friends met up for a second cruise together.  They’d all met 16 months previously on a Hawaiian cruise and had hit it off so well, had decided to book a Caribbean cruise.  This prank is centred around the actions of seven of the group.  There was a couple from England (we’ll call them Craig and Laura), a couple from Oregon (we’ll called them Jim and Ren) and a family from Kentucky and Tennessee (we’ll call them Rob, Julie and Mom).

One night after Rob, Julie and Mom had been enjoying all the pleasures that the casino had to offer, they decided to order room service for Craig and Laura.  This plan had started off as a kind gesture with the intention to treat their friends with a surprise breakfast in bed the following morning.  The fact that Mom decided that Craig and Laura deserved every item on the breakfast menu was revealed when there was a knock on Craig and Laura’s stateroom door at 6.30am – yes, 6.30am on a sea day!

Bleary-eyed Craig got up to open the door and found a steward standing there with a heaving tray of food.  “No… sorry… we didn’t order anything, you must have got the wrong room.” said Craig as he closed the door.

Later that morning, Craig and Laura told their friends about the strange breakfast order that had been sent to their stateroom by accident and disturbed their sleep in.  Everyone seemed very puzzled apart from Rob and Julie who couldn’t help but look at one another and start to giggle.  They spilled the beans on the little plan that Mom had devised and explained how they’d crept to the stateroom and slipped the breakfast order over the door handle whilst Craig and Laura were asleep.  It was at this point Craig, Laura, Jim and Ren started to plot their revenge… for Craig and Laura…and for the poor steward who had carried the heavy tray to the door to be turned away…

There were many ideas that were discussed:

  • Order early breakfast room service for Rob, Julie and Mom (too obvious)
  • Send a cryptic note to their stateroom with cut-out letters (too much work, they were on a cruise remember)
  • Send a letter to their stateroom, congratulating them on receiving a free cruise for spending money in the casino (they actually asked Passenger Services if they could help with this but not surprisingly, they declined)

So finally, a week later, whilst the whole group was enjoying a special celebratory meal for Ren’s birthday, Craig and Jim secretly borrowed Mom’s cruise card (yes, Mom was in on it!).  I don’t need to tell you what happened next, here’s the prank in all it’s glory – enjoy!

Best Cruise Prank Ever!

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