New Facebook Group for Cruisers

Since starting my blog just over a year ago, I’ve joined several Twitter chats and Facebook groups about travel and cruises. They are a great place to discuss all things cruising online but I’ve found two problems with them:

  1. Twitter chats take place at certain times of the day so if you’re busy or live in a different time zone, sometimes it’s difficult to get involved
  2. Facebook groups can get repetitive, with new members asking similar questions (there’s nothing wrong with this as it’s a great place to get advice) and sometimes arguments break out between members (don’t even mention the drinks package or smoking on board!)

Sooo…this got me thinking about how I could create a cruise-related chat forum online to eliminate these issues.


Cruise Lifestyle Community Chat

This has led me to create the Facebook group, Cruise Lifestyle Community Chat (join here), open to cruisers with any cruise line.  I wanted to keep it non-specific in term of the cruise line as I believe it’s great to share experiences of different cruises.

How it works

Every week, the group will have a theme for discussions, so for example, the first week’s theme was food.  Each day, a new topic or question will be posed to group members e.g. what was your favourite meal on a cruise ship?  Do you eat healthily or do you indulge whilst cruising? to spark the conversations.  Photo sharing is encouraged and members are welcome to pose their own questions around the theme.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Come join the conversation

This means that members can check the group at any time during the day to join the conversation when it’s convenient for them AND it eliminates any repetitive posts.  The courtesy that people show for each other is still the responsibility of the members but I want this group to be friendly and a nice place to share your cruise experiences and advice.  This group hasn’t been set up in a way that will encourage people to moan about cruise lines.


So what are you waiting for?  If you love cruising, come join our chat – this group is for you to get involved in; my hope is that our group will enable people from all over the world to join the conversations about the cruise lifestyle!


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