Why I love to Zumba on a Cruise

When I cruise I always enjoy taking part in a Zumba class.  You may be reading this thinking “Are you crazy?  You’re on a cruise, sit back and relax!” but it is something that I really, really enjoy.

I’ve never mentioned this before in my blog but I am a Zumba Instructor (only part-time alongside my day job) and so when I go on a cruise it’s my chance to just stand at the back and enjoy the class for what it is.  To just go for it and dance without having to thinking about the next steps, having to give directional cues and keep my class motivated.  It’s refreshing and I find that it’s a great start to a sea day.


The morning Zumba classes are always fairly busy but if the cruise puts on an afternoon class, these tend to be quieter (even I struggle to tear myself away from the pool and cocktails).

There are always a range of abilities and ages that go to these classes but the beauty of Zumba is that you can tailor the workout to suit you.

The Zumba classes are held in various venues on cruise ships, it’s always best to check the daily cruise planner as I turned up at the wrong place once and then had to hit the stairs to get to the other venue (warm-up done!).  I’ve taken Zumba classes in the cruise ship’s night club, on the top deck (nice cool breeze) and in the ship’s atrium (expect spectators!).

Do you know what one of the best things about doing Zumba on a cruise?  Going to the buffet for breakfast sweaty but guilt-free!

You can find Zumba class on board Princess Cruises and Celebrity Cruises.  Shannon Shall talks about her experience of working on Celebrity Cruises as a Zumba instructor on the Every Woman Blog.

Zumba cruise
Zumba Cruise, photo credit: USAtoday.com

If you fancy taking Zumba and cruising to the next level, perhaps you should consider a Zumba Cruise.  This is an annual cruise for Zumba lovers to sail with Royal Caribbean with the opportunity to shimmy and shake to your heart’s content.  The five-night Caribbean cruise is packed with Zumba classes, parties and competitions but it might be worth booking yourself another holiday afterward to recover!

Happy cruising!

cropped-owl-logo.jpgWhat do you like to do on sea days?  Do you enjoy Zumba?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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