6 Cool things about Princess Cruises for 2020

This month, Princess Cruises has announced some exciting news for 2020. Here are six of the coolest things about its 2020 spring/summer season for cruisers.

Cool News 1: More chances to cruise with Princess

2020 will be Princess Cruises’ biggest European season ever with a total of 1.4 million cruise nights available from the UK.   This means that there will be even more choices available to people wanting to start their cruise from Southampton, visiting the British Isles, Mediterranean and Northern Europe.

The Royal Princess, photo credit: Princess Cruises

Cool News 2: Three Princess ships with be based in Southampton

For the first time, three Princess ships will be based at Southampton for the spring and summer season: Crown (May to November), Island (June to October) and Regal (May to September).  This season, saw just Sapphire and Royal Princess ships based in the UK.  This clearly show the commitment that Princess has to this market, perhaps the popularity of ITV’s The Cruise has had something to do with it?

Crown Princess
The Crown Princess, photo credit: Princess Cruises

Cool News 3: Enchanted Princess to be christened in the UK

The cruise line’s newest ship, Enchanted Princess, will hold its naming ceremony in Southampton at the end of June 2020 – the first vessel to be named in the UK since the Duchess of Cambridge christened the Royal Princess in 2013.  Who will be the new godmother?

Royal Princess cruise christening display
Royal Princess cruise christening display

Cool News 4: Sky Princess will spend her first full season in Europe

The newest ship, due to launch in 2019, will spend her first spring and summer season cruising to Scandinavia and Russia.  This is following her first winter season in the Caribbean.  This makes me happy – I am looking forward to cruising on the Sky Princess!


Cool News 5: Three of Princess’ newest ships will be based in Europe

Possibly my favourite piece of news is that Enchanted, Sky and Regal will all be based in Europe for 2020.


Cool News 6: Deposits for Princess Cruises will be just £50 per person

Until 31st April 2019, Princess Cruises is offering the opportunity to book for just £50 per person.

The announcements were made by Princess Cruises on 24th October at its 2020 programme launch.  Tony Roberts, vice president Princess Cruises UK and Europe, said: “Europe remains the most popular holiday destination for our UK guests so we’re delighted to offer more choice than every before in 2020.  The Southampton will see the launch of Enchanted Princess an that we have two of our newest ships, Sky Princess and Regal Princess sailing in Europe, is a testament to the ever-growing popularity of Princess Cruises in the UK.”

When can you book these cruises?

Crown and Island Princess cruises will go on sale on Thursday 8th November, 9.00am.  Elite passengers will have the chance to book their 2020 cruises, 48 hours in advance of this date.  To book simply visit princess.com or call 0344 338 8663.

Happy cruising!

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