Complete Virgin Voyages Drinks Guide with Menus and Prices

In this post you’ll find the Virgin Voyages drinks menus and prices, correct as of 2021. There are 12 bars onboard Virgin’s Scarlet Lady so there is plenty of choice on board. I have created this article featuring menus with prices to help future ‘sailors’ plan their budget.

As a new cruise line, Virgin Voyages has thrown away the rule book with many things including the drink package. Virgin Voyages does not offer a drinks package. Instead, you can prepay your bar tab and receive extra to spend at the bar or at The Beach Club at Bimini.

The bar tab is a non-refundable on-board credit that can be used on Premium drinks either on the ship or at the Beach Club.

For every $300 you pay into the bar tab, Virgin Voyages will add an extra $50. If you are unsure about how much bar tab you are going to need, read on to find out the drinks prices.

Virgin Voyages Drinks Guide

On Virgin Voyages, all drinks are purchased individually, added to your onboard account and paid at the end of your cruise (or deducted from your bar tab).

This Virgin Voyages drinks guide provides you with the individual prices, sourced from bar menus on board. Although these prices are from Scarlet Lady, it’s likely that prices will be the same across all Virgin Voyages ships.

It’s important to note that prices are in US dollars and include gratuities. This makes the drinks on Virgin Voyages very reasonable as there isn’t an additional service charge added to every order like most of the mainstream cruise lines.

Virgin Voyages drinks enjoy at On the Rocks
On the Rocks

Which Drinks are Included on Virgin Voyages?

Virgin Voyages offers complimentary non-alcoholic drinks known as ‘Basic Bevvies’. These are non-alcoholic drinks available at no additional charge and include:

  • Filtered still and sparkling water
  • Fruit juices
  • Fizzy drinks and sodas
  • Tea and drip coffee

This is more generous than many other cruise lines, which typically charge for sodas, juices and sparkling water. This is excellent to see and is much appreciated by cruisers.

It’s also worth mentioning that as well as these Basic Bevvies, WiFi and all speciality restaurants are included in the cruise fare on Scarlet Lady, Valiant Lady and Resilient Lady.

Is Virgin Voyages All Inclusive?

Virgin Voyages does give you the option to have some of your drinks included in you cruise fare if you book a Rockstar Suite. Suite guests have an in-room bar and a complimentary daily bar tab.

The in-room bar can be made up from a choice five of Rockstar Drinks Packages.

In additional to drinks, suite sailors have exclusive access to Richard’s Rooftop, priority access to restaurants, private transfers and daily access to the ship’s spa.

Virgin Voyages drinks are included in a Rockstar Suite

Can you take your own alcohol on Virgin Voyages?

You are permitted to bring two bottles of wine on a Virgin Voyages cruise, which must be consumed in your cabin. A bottle cannot exceed 750ml. Remember to pack them in your carry-on luggage.

Unfortunately, other alcohol like spirits, are not allowed to be brought on board but can be purchased by the half bottle.

Virgin Voyages Draught Beer with Prices

Affligem Blond$8$29
Newcastle Brown Ale$7$25
Ommegang Brewery Witte$8$29
Wynwood Brewery Co. Stray the Course$7$27
Wynwood Brewery Co. Pop’s Porter$8$29

The Draught Haus is the pub on Scarlet Lady, serving beer on draught. There are communal tables and nice window seats. It is one of the main bars on the ship, located on Deck 7.

Virgin Voyages Draught Haus
The Draught Haus

Virgin Voyages Drinks Menu: Canned Beer with Prices

In addition to the cans of beers featured below, Virgin Voyages in partnership with the Wynwood Brewery Company, has introduced it’s own English Pale Ale. At the time of writing, the name of this beer has yet to be revealed.

Kalik Larger$6
Shiner Bock$8
Cigar City Brewing Co. Jai Alai IPA$9
Boulevard Brewing Co. Space Camper IPA$7
Boulevard Brewing Co. Jam Band Berry Ale$7
Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPA$11
Wynwood Brewery Co. Father Francisco Belgian Ale$5
Lagunitos IPA$5
Saint Archer IPA$8
Boulevard Brewing Co. Tropical Pale Ale$7

Virgin Voyages Drinks Menu: Bottled Beer

There is a good selection of bottled beers ranging from $5 (Heineken) to $15. It’s a shame that the gluten free option is the most epensive bottled beer.

Corona Extra$6
Affigem Dubbel $8
Ommegang Brewery 3 Philosophers Belgian Ale$15
Ommegang Brewery Brut IPA $12
Negra Modelo£7
Goose Island IPA$8
Boulevard Brewing Co. Bourbon Barrel Quad$15
Wynwood Brewery Co. La Rubia$7
Lagunitos IPA $9
Lagunitos Little Sumpin’ IPA$11
Miller High Life$5
Green’s Gluten Free$15
Amstel Light$6
Tank 7 Farmhouse$11

Virgin Voyages Wine in a Can

Virgin Voyages offers wine in a can at the Draught Haus, which is not something that you see very often on a cruise but unless you specifically want to one of these three wine, I’d recommend ordering wine by the glass.

Shimmer Sparkling Rose$9
MERF Chardonnay$11
MERF Cabernet Sauvignon$11

Virgin Voyages Wine List

These wines can be found in various different bars on board and can be order by the glass and/or by the bottle, where prices state. One of the best places to enjoy a huge selection of wine is Sip.

Sip is the champagne bar on Scarlet Lady and has sophisticated decor to match the glamour of enjoying champagne and caviar (which is also on offer from $5).

One of the main Virgin Voyages drinks venues is Sip
Sip Lounge Champagne Bar

White Wine

White wine prices range from $7 a glass (average $11) to $99 a bottle (average $45).

White WineGlassBottle
Marine Dubard Sauvignon Blanc$7$32
Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc$19$38
Matanzas Creek Sauvignon Blanc$58
Decibel Sauvignon Blanc$9$38
Emmolo Sauvignon Blanc$45
Gerard Bertrand Cotes de Roses Blanc$8$31
Lucien Albrecht Pinot Blanc$9$37
Jadot Bourgogne Blanc$11
Jadot Bouzeron (Aligote)$14
Villa Sandi Pinot Grigio$7$29
Willakenzie Pinot Grigio$78
Jacques Dumont Sancerre$63
Domaine Verdiere Muscadet Sevre-et-Maine sur Lie$32
Jean Luc Colombo Violette$39
Andre Brunel La Becassonne$38
Nabro Martius Chardonnay$28
Cakebread Chardonnay$22$99
Carmel Road Unoaked Chardonnay$42
Chalk Hill Chardonnay$11$46
Duckhorn Chardonnay$57
Crossbarn by Paul Hobbs Chardonnay$55
Eroica Riesling$39
Kruger-Rump Riesling$43
Willakenzie White Blend$46
Conundrum White Blend$58
Torress Vina Esmeralda$28
Terre Brulee Chenin Blanc$39
Fontanafredda Moscato$8$35

Rose Wine

There is a smaller selection of rose wines, with prices starting at $8 per glass.

Rose WineGlassBottle
Gerard Bertrand Gris Blanc$8$30
Domaines OTT$59
Chateau Minuty$14$62
Weingut Brundlmayer$88
Montes Cherub$9$37

Red Wine

Red WineGlassBottle
Cotes Du Rhone$9
Casa Lapostolle$7
Lyric Pinot Noir$11
Montes Pinot Noir$9$38
Siduri Pinot Noir$83
Chalk Hill Pinot Noir$58
Intrinsic Cabernet Sauvignon$13
Newton Cabernet Sauvignon$29
Odfjell Cabernet Sauvignon$8$36
Bonanza Cabernet Sauvignon$54
Gerard Bertrand Cabernet Sauvignon$7
Chateau St Julien Bordeaux$13$55
Chateau Cos D’Estournel Bordeaux £305
Chateau Lafite Rothschild Bordeaux $1299
Chateau Puy Blanquet Bordeaux $78
Chateau Lafleur Bordeaux $1445
Decoy Zinfandel$15$65
Felino by Paul Hobbs Malbec$10$45
Cune Rioja$7$29
GSM Kosmos$7$52
Terroir Minervois$7
Louis Jadot Borgogne Rouge$46
Louis Jadot Pommard$133
Louis Jadot Nuits$126
Louis Jadot Nuits Saint Georges Aux Thorey$244
Louis Jadot Chambolle$155
Louis Jadot Gevrey$132
Domaine Des Heritiers$249
Yangarra Shiraz$55
Saget la Perriere Loire$45
Andre Brunel Loire$38
Clos D’ora Biodynamic$388
Northstar Red Blend$65
Mullan Road Red Blend$99

Virgin Voyages Drinks Menu: Champagne and Sparkling Wine List

Virgin Voyages has introduced a ‘Shake for Champagne’ feature to its app. All you have to do is open the Virgin Voyages app, give your phone a shake and a button will appear on the app. Press the button to have a bottle of Möet Chandon Impérial brought to you to enjoy!

This is a bit of fun that epitomises Virgin Voyages but be careful of the $95 price tag!

Shake for Champagne on Virgin Voyages
Honey Bubble, Moscato D’Asti$9$40
Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut Champagne$21$95$190
Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut Champagne$106
Veuve Clicquot Brut Rose Champagne $29
Villa Sandi Sparkling Rose$8$34
Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut Rose Champagne $25$118
Chandon Sparkling Brut$11$48
Thomas Jefferson Sparkling Rose$35
Victorine de Chastenay$45
Dom Perignon$65$299$589
Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose Champagne$245
Krug $325
Krug Brut Rose$445
Brundlmayer Brut Rose$175
Nino Franco Brut Rose$72

Cider Menu with Prices

Rekorderlig Pear Cider$9 (can)
Strongbow$6 (12oz)

Virgin Spirits with Prices

Single MeasureHalf Bottle
Maker’s Mark$7
Buffalo Trace$5
Jim Beam$6
Bulleit bourbon$7
Bulleit rye$7
Jack Daniels$6
Johnnie Walker Black$7
Johnnie Walker Blue$25
Crown Royal$6
Olmeca Altos Blanco$5
Don Julio 1942$19
Del Maguey Vida$7
Yukon Jack$6
Southern Comfort$6
Rumple Minze$6
Laird’s Applejack$6
Croft Tawny Port$6
Avion Silver Tequila$55
Casa Noble Reposado$55

You will find a selection of ‘shot-tails and boiler makers’ on the Draught Haus menu that look interesting:

  • The Jellyfish: vodka, sambuca, blue curacao and a drop of cream ($7)
  • All Day Breakfast: whiskey, butterscotch, orange juice and bacon salt rim ($8)
  • Once Bitten: 50/50 larger, cider with a shot of whiskey ($11)
  • Port of Call: Guinness with a shot of port ($15)
  • Highs and Lows: Miller High Life bottle with a shot of Jagermeister ($9)

Virgin Voyages Cocktails

There is a nice selection of unique cocktails specially crafted for Virgin Voyages. Classic cocktails are more difficult to find on the menus but I did spot a G&T in the Dock House for $8. Sangria can be purchased by the glass ($12) or the jug ($48).

Cocktails range from $11 to $17 so if you choose to add a $300 bar tab (plus $50 bonus) you can enjoy around 20 of the most expensive cocktails.

Virgin Voyages drinks sangria

Drinks Menu: Cognacs

Hennessy VS$13
Hennessy XO$65
Courvoisier VS$15
Courvoisier VSOP$21
Courvoisier XO$45
Remy Martin Louis XIII$395
Remy Martin VSOP$19
Remy Martin XO$77

Non-Alcoholic Drinks with Prices

Virgin Voyages has a selection of non-alcoholic drinks including zero alcohol beer and juices.

Red Bull$5
Red Bull Sugar Free$5
Heineken 0.0$5
Basil Lemonade$7
Ginger, Lemon, Cayenne Juice$4
Just the Celery$4

Virgin Voyages Speciality Coffee and Teas

Fresh coffee and tea can be ordered at the Grounds Club on board, situated on Deck 7 on Scarlet Lady. These Virgin Voyages drinks are comparable to high street prices.

Virgin has created its own unique coffee blend with Intelligentsia Coffee and it can be purchased on board to take home.

There is the option of soya or almond milk available on request.

Double Espresso$5
Macchiato $3
Flat White$4
Hot Chocolate$4
Jojo Loose Leaf Tea (Jasmine Cloud Green, Panna Chiya Green, Darjeeling Black Everspring Oolong, Mint Blend, Morning After Black Blend)$5
The Grounds Club coffee bar

Overall Thoughts on Virgin Voyages Drinks

Virgin Voyages have chosen not to offer a drinks package in favour of a non-refundable bar tab. One positive of the drinks pricing is the inclusion of tax in the prices printed so it’s easy to gauge the exact price you’re paying.

I’m not sure that it stacks up against some of the other cruise lines’ drinks packages that offer great value. For example, Princess Plus is £30 per person per day and enables you to have up to 15 drinks per day, including cocktails. On Virgin, the same value does not translate.

There are affordable options within beer and wine by the glass and more expensive options for those with money to burn. You can still enjoy champagne by the glass without having to purchase a bottle or a magnum.

There is an extensive wine list and a good selection of red wine, in particular.

As this is a new cruise line, I will update this post as and when new menus are introduced. We will have to watch this space to see if there is a u-turn on the drinks package.



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    Very interesting, thank you. I can’t believe they are charging $15 for gluten free beer, that is ridiculous.

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