AmaWaterways Ships by Age, Size and River

AmaWaterways has a fleet of 25 river ships, with another (AmaMagdelena) currently being built. This post includes a list of AmaWaterways ships by age from oldest to youngest, size and by river. This is a handy guide to help you decide which AmaWaterways ship is best for you.

List of AmaWaterways Ships by age, oldest to youngest

The oldest AmaWaterways ships by age are AmaCello and AmaDante, which both carry up to 144 passengers.

NameYear BuiltCurrent River(s)Number of Passengers
AmaCello2008Rhone, Saône144
AmaDolce2009Dordogne, Garonne144
AmaLyra2009Moselle, Seine144
Zambezi Queen2009Chobe (Africa)28
AmaCerto2012Moselle, Rhine162
AmaPrima2013Moselle, Rhine, Dutch & Belgian Waterways, Main162
AmaSerena2015Rhine, Dutch & Belgian Waterways162
AmaStella2016Rhine, Dutch & Belgian Waterways156
AmaMora2019Rhine, Dutch & Belgian Waterways, Moselle156
AmaLucia2021Rhine, Dutch & Belgian Waterways156
AmaSiena2021Rhine, Dutch & Belgian Waterwaysunconfirmed
AmaMagdalena2023Magdalena (Columbia)80

AmaWaterways ships by age: Which is the newest AmaWaterways ship?

AmaMagdalena will debut in 2023 as AmaWaterways’ newest ship on a new river and continent for the river cruise line. AmaMagdalena will offer 7-night itineraries on the Magdalena River in Columbia.

This will be an all-suite river ship, making AmaWaterways the first luxury river cruise line on this river.

Which is the largest AmaWaterways ship?

AmaMagna is AmaWaterways biggest river cruise ship and is approximately double the width of a regular European river ship. The advantage to its size is that there is plenty of space for passengers but the disadvantage is that it is limited to one stretch of the Danube between Vilshofen and Budapest.

The ship boasts four restaurants onboard that guests try throughout the cruise. To learn more, read my AmaMagna Dining Guide.

AmaMagna is AmaWaterways largest ship AmaWaterways ships by age

Which is the smallest AmaWaterways ship?

The smallest ship in the AmaWaterways fleet is the Zambezi Queen at 150 feet long and 25.6 feet wide.

the smallest AmaWaterways ship Zambezi QueenAmaWaterways ships by age
Zambezi Queen, photo credit: AmaWaterways

List of AmaWaterways Ships by River

Each AmaWaterways ship bases its itineraries around particular rivers. The vast majority of AmaWaterways ships are based in Europe but there are three ships outside of Europe.

From 2022, AmaWaterways will offers river cruises in four continents:

  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • South America

In this section, I share which ships you can choose from according to the river you wish to explore.

AmaWaterways ships in Europe


These AmaWaterways river ships offer Danube river cruises:

  • AmaBella
  • AmaLea
  • AmaMagna
  • AmaSonata
  • AmaVerde
  • AmaViola
AmaWaterways ships on the Danube


The ships that offer cruises on the Rhine include:

  • AmaCerto
  • AmaLucia
  • AmaMora
  • AmaPrima
  • AmaSerena
  • AmaSiena
  • AmaStella

Dutch and Belgian Waterways

AmaWaterways ships offering Dutch and Belgian Waterways itineraries:

  • AmaCerto
  • AmaLucia
  • AmaMora
  • AmaPrima
  • AmaSerena
  • AmaSiena
  • AmaStella


If you want to take a cruise on the Moselle River, you should look at these AmaWaterways ships:

  • AmaCerto
  • AmaLucia
  • AmaMora
  • AmaPrima
Moselle river
Moselle Bend


AmaWaterways has two ships that are based on the Douro River in Portugal:

  • AmaDouro
  • AmaVida
Douro River cruises with AmaWaterways AmaDouro and AmaVida
Douro River


The two AmaWaterways ships that offer cruises on the Seine River are:

  • AmaDante
  • AmaLyra


AmaPrima is the only AmaWaterways ship with itineraries that include the Main River, a tributary of the Rhine.

Rhone and Saône

For a river cruise through France, AmaCello takes in the Rhone and Saône rivers.

Dordogne and Garonne

AmaDolce cruises the Dordogne and Garonne rivers.

AmaWaterways Ships in Africa

AmaWaterways now has two river ships in Africa:

  • The Zambezi Queen cruises the Chobe River in Botswana
  • AmaDahlia offers Nile cruises from Cairo, Egypt.
AmaDahlia on the Nile Africa AmaWaterways ships by age
AmaDalia on the Nile

AmaWaterways Mekong River Cruises

AmaWaterways has one ship, AmaDara, that offers 7-night Mekong River cruises through Vietnam and Cambodia between Kampong Cham to My Tho.

AmaWaterways in South America

In 2023, AmaWaterways will begin river cruises in Columbia on the Magdalena River. It’s newest ship, AmaMagdalena will offer all-suite accomodation and promises to immerse guests in the culture of South America.

AmaWaterways AmaMagdalena will cruise the Magdalena River in Columbia
Magdalena River

AmaWaterways Ships

With 25 (soon to be 26) ships in the fleet, there are plenty of river cruises to choose from. Whether you want to cruise a particular river or visit a specific destination, AmaWaterways has a lot to offer.

To learn more about AmaWaterways cruises, I’d recommend taking a look at more information I have:


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