New P&O Cruises WiFi Packages: Which is Best for You?

Deciding if you need WiFi on your cruise can be a tricky decision. How good is the WiFi on a cruise? How much does it cost? In this post, I explain the different P&O Cruises WiFi packages available and what’s included in each to help you decide.

Is there free WiFi on P&O cruise ships?

Unfortunately, WiFi is not included in your cruise fare with P&O Cruises and so when you’re onboard you should switch your devices to aeroplane mode/roaming off to avoid costly charges. If you do need WiFi during your cruise, you can purchase one of the P&O Cruises WiFi packages (read on).

If you choose not to purchase WiFi for your cruise, you should be able to connect in the cruise ports you visit. Check your phone contract to see if you can use your data in the countries you’re visiting.

Follow the crew! The crew are experts in knowing where the free WiFi spots are in cruise ports. You can usually find free WiFi in bars, restaurants and shopping areas in ports. Some are limited to 30 minutes, whilst others are open for as long as you stay.

How Much is WiFi on P&O Cruises?

P&O Cruises WiFi packages start from £10 per day. You can choose to pay for WiFi for one day or for the entire cruise. The price per day is cheaper if you pay for a package for your whole cruise.

P&O Cruises wifi on your phone
You can access P&O WiFi on your phone

You can choose from two WiFi packages depending on what you need:

  • My WiFi Essential
  • My WiFi Ultimate

Both packages allow you to access the WiFi on multiple devices but only one device at a time. You must log out of one in order to use another.

If you want to use multiple devices simultaneously, you will need to purchase more than one package (discounts are available).

My WiFi Essential

My WiFi Essential is the basic WiFi package and allows:

  • Unlimited data
  • Web browsing
  • Email
  • Music streaming
  • Social media, texts and images (no videos)
My WiFi Essential 1 Day PassMy WiFi Essential Cruise Package
£15£10 per day for the duration of your cruise

My WiFi Ultimate

My WiFi Ultimate WiFi package allows:

  • Unlimited data
  • Web browsing
  • Email
  • Music streaming
  • Social media, texts and images (no videos)
  • Video streaming
  • Up to 3x faster connection
My WiFi Ultimate 1 Day PassMy WiFi Ultimate Cruise Package
£20£15 per day for the duration of your cruise

Deciding on which package to choose ultimately comes down to if you want to stream video and get quicker internet. If you just want to browse the internet and check your social media, the My WiFi Essential package should do the job.

P&O Cruises WiFi Packages have Changed!

It’s important to be aware that the Essential and Ultimate WiFi packages are now the two options for WiFi. These have replaced the three WiFi packages that P&O used to offer:

  • Connect
  • Browse
  • The Works

If you are purchasing a internet package for your next cruise, you will need to choose either the Essential or Ultimate package/day passes.

How Good is the WiFi on P&O Cruise Ships?

WiFi on cruise ships is operated using satellites, our internet at home is served through cables. The reality is that the WiFi on cruise ships is affected by two key factors:

  • Your cruise itinerary
  • How many passengers are using the internet at the same time

There are some regions that are notoriously bad for WiFi (Norwegian Fjords) and some that are relatively good for WiFi (Caribbean).

Due to the large number of cruise ships that operate in the Caribbean, there are plenty of satellites serving that region.

P&O Cruises WiFi is better in the Caribbean
The WiFi on Caribbean cruises is likely to be the best

When I was on a cruise in the Norwegian Fjords, the WiFi was pretty much non-existent, even with an internet package but I was able to jump on to my own 4G once the ship had reached port (even when I was still on the cruise ship).

It’s worth taking into account where your cruise is going and if internet is even likely to be available.

If you are sat in a busy lounge or on the lido deck, you may find a lot of other passengers trying to get on to the WiFi at the same time, which can slow things down.

The best thing to do is find a quiet spot away from busy public areas for the best chance of using the WiFi.

P&O Cruises has invested in hardware and increased its bandwidth to provide a faster connection speed and an enhanced service.

What Things can’t you use WiFi for on P&O Cruises?

It’s likely that some sites will be blocked during your cruise such as:

  • Adult content
  • Alcohol and tobacco
  • Anonymisers
  • Drug abuse
  • File sharing
  • Malware
  • Nudity
  • Online gambling
  • Streaming hacking
  • Phishing
  • Proxy avoidance
  • Violent content

Some Wi-Fi calling, remote desktop connections and VPNs may not be available.

How to Purchase WiFi from P&O Cruises

To buy the package of your choice, call P&O Cruises’ Customer Contact Centre on 0344 338 8003 (local call charges apply) and have your booking reference to hand.

Alternatively, once you’re on board, simply use the free Wi-Fi to access by following the easy on-screen instructions. The cost of the WiFi will be added to your onboard account.

You can purchase WiFi at any point during your cruise or simply pay for a day pass. If you pay for a package part way through a cruise, you only pay for the remainder of your cruise.

Tips for using WiFi on a Cruise

  1. Decide if you are going to need WiFi for the whole cruise or just on particular days (it may be cheaper to pay when needed)
  2. Save money by sharing the WiFi with others in your stateroom, you can buy one package and switch between different devices
  3. If the geographical area is not good for WiFi, consider saving money on a WiFi package and just use free WiFi or your own data in ports
  4. Ask crew where the best free WiFi spots are in port
  5. For faster speeds, avoid crowded areas or times of the day when more people may be browsing the internet

For more tips on how to plan for your next P&O cruise, head to my dedicated P&O Cruises section.


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