12 Things you WON’T find on a Viking Cruise

Viking Cruises is fairly new to the ocean cruise scene (launched in 2015) but it doesn’t seem to be following the crowd.  It’s bucking the current trend of the mega-ships and offering what I believe a lot of cruisers really want.  Take a look at the 12 reasons that make Viking Cruises different to the other mainstream cruise companies.

  1. No casinos

I have been known to have a little flutter on the roulette table but in fairness I didn’t spend any money (or time) in the casino on my last cruise and didn’t miss it one bit.

Casino Roulette - 3d render
No casinos onboard Viking Cruise Ships

2. No children under 18 years

Let me make this clear: I don’t hate children, I work in a school but I don’t have children of my own and wouldn’t choose to cruise in the school holidays.  I understand that most people don’t mind children on cruises (in fairness I was one of them once as I went on my first cruise when I was six years old) and others would prefer adult-only cruises.  Viking Cruises has opted to make its cruises adult-only, I think that is a nice option to have.

3. No photographers

This is a real pet hate of mine, when I’m getting off board and excited to explore the port, why would I want to be stopped by a group of photographers, some in fancy dress, and pose for a photo?  This always creates a queue as passengers stop to pose for the photos and I’ve taken to pulling silly faces in the photos now for my own amusement!  Well done Viking Cruises, this is amazing!


4. No art auctions

I don’t profess to know anything about art but I do know that most of the art I’ve seen on board cruise ships is not to my taste… some is just ugly (sorry, there’s probably a correlation between my lack of art knowledge and my lack of appreciation) .  Viking don’t do art auctions and it wouldn’t be something I would miss from my cruise.

The Art Gallery on Sapphire Princess

5. No charge for beer and wine at lunch or dinner

How civilised!  On a Viking cruise your drinks at lunch and dinner are complimentary – cheers to that!


6. No additional charge for alternative restaurants

Bravo Viking!  Most cruise companies charge for ‘specialty dining options’ but you can enjoy dining at all of the dining venues at no extra cost.

7. No charge for the use of the laundrette

I try not to go anywhere near the laundrette on my cruise (I must confess, I’m an overpaker) but have had to use it in the past.  Some people go crazy when they get ‘free laundry’ with their loyalty scheme with other cruise companies but Viking don’t charge anyone to use their laundrettes.

8. No entrance fee for the spa

Woop woop! I love visiting the spa on land but have never chosen to do so on a cruise.  On a Viking cruise I would definitely be taking a trip to the spa for some much needed relaxation and rejuvenation after busy days in port.  How inviting does the spa look? Find out more about cruise ship spas here.


9. No pushy sales techniques for spa treatments

Whilst on a cruise, I don’t want to be put under any pressure to buy extras.  On a Viking cruise, they promise that there will be no pushy sales techniques used for their spa treatments.

10. No lines

To be honest, I’ve  never experienced queues on any of my cruises for anything other than embarkation or debarkation but no one goes on holiday to queue!

viking cruises buffet
No lines at the buffet on Viking Cruises!

11. No nickel and diming

On a cruise, do you hate having to pay for every little extra?  Viking Cruises agrees too, so a lot of things are included in your cruise price such as 24-hour room service and a shore excursion in almost every port.  This helps you get an accurate idea of your cruise price beforehand, without the scary bill at the end!

12. No charge for unlimited wi-fi

Now I’m not saying that I go on a cruise to be stuck to a screen; it’s quite pleasant to be unplugged for a few days but it’s also good to have the option of free wi-fi, especially to check final arrangements for shore excursions or staying in touch with friends and family back home.  This also helps all those cruise bloggers out there who want to update their followers about their experiences whilst cruising – clever move Viking!


Information for this blog post was taken from Viking Cruises’ “What Viking is Not.”  To find out more about Viking Cruises, check out this guide by fellow cruise bloggers visitwith.us.

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