Viking Cruises Ships by Age Oldest to Youngest

Viking Cruises currently has 8 ocean cruise ships in its fleet. Viking cruise ships are almost identical in design and size with a capacity of 930 passengers. This post provides a list of Viking Cruises ships by age.

List of Viking Cruises ships by age

The table below lists all Viking Cruises ocean ships by age from oldest to youngest. It’s also useful to note when these ships were last refurbished.

ShipEntered Service
Viking StarApril 2015
Viking SeaMay 2016
Viking SkyJune 2017
Viking OrionJuly 2018
Viking JupiterFebruary 2019
Viking VenusMay 2021
Viking MarsMay 2022
Viking NeptuneDue December 2022
Viking Saturn Due 2023

Viking Cruises also has two expedition ships: Viking Polaris and Viking Octantis. These ships are smaller than the ocean ships and offer itineraries to destinations like Antarctica, The Great Lakes and Canada.

Both are identical and are designed as Polar Class 6 ships, which is best for operating in summer and autumn, medium first year ice.

Name Year BuiltPassengersLength
Viking Polaris2022378665ft
Viking Octantis2022378665ft

Which is the newest Viking Cruises ship?

Viking Saturn will be the newest Viking Cruises ship when it enters service in early 2023. This new ship will offer cruise itineraries to Iceland, Norway, Greenland and Canada.

Viking cruises ships by age Viking Saturn is the newest ship
Viking Saturn, photo credit: Viking Cruises

Which is the oldest Viking Cruises ship?

Viking Star is the oldest cruise ship in the Viking Cruises fleet and entered service in April 2015. It is currently offering Mediterranean and European cruises.

Which Viking Cruises ship is the best?

Unlike other cruise lines, all Viking cruise ships are the same size and layout with a few subtle differences. This means that there’s very little difference between one ship and another.

What are the main differences between Viking Ships?

There are a few small differences between Viking Ocean ships that you won’t find on the deck plans.

The artwork and decor will be slightly different from ship to ship.

Only certain Viking ships have a planetarium onboard, called the Explorer’s Dome. This is only featured on:

  • Viking Orion
  • Viking Jupiter

The planetarium is located on the upper level of the Explorers Lounge on Deck 8 and offers passengers the chance to watch panoramic films of space and Earth in 2D and 3D.

Viking Orion planetarium
The Explorer’s Dome on Viking Orion, photo credit: Viking Cruises

The first few Viking ocean ships also have outdoor gym equipment on on the Sports Deck (Deck 9).

The advantage to Viking ships being identical is that once you’ve cruised on one ship, you don’t need to learn a new layout and get your bearings on your next cruise. This leaves more time to enjoy yourself and focus on the destinations on the itinerary.

US News ranked Viking Cruises ships in the following order, according to reviews and health ratings:

  1. Viking Sky
  2. Viking Jupiter
  3. Viking Venus
  4. Viking Orion
  5. Viking Sea
  6. Viking Star

Viking Cruises has become a popular cruise line but more for what it doesn’t do than for what it does!


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