Complete P&O Drinks Guide with Menus, Prices and Packages

In this post you’ll find the P&O drinks menus and prices, correct as of 2021. Is the drinks package worth it? Making a decision about purchasing a drinks package can be difficult, so this post is designed to help you.

Being a British cruise line, P&O drinks prices are in pounds sterling so it’s easy to gauge affordability. In my opinion, the drinks prices are very comparable to UK pub and restaurant prices.

There are 13 bars onboard P&O’s Britannia and I was fortunate to sail on this cruise ship in January 2020 before the pandemic. I took photos of the P&O drinks menus with prices whilst onboard to help future cruisers plan their budget and have updated this post with 2021 prices.

P&O Drinks Guide

On P&O, drinks can be purchased individually or with a drinks package. Unlike other cruise lines, the P&O drinks packages cannot be pre-purchased so the price is added to your onboard account and paid at the end of your cruise. This can sometimes make it difficult to decide if the drinks package is worth buying. There are no pre-cruise offers to tempt you to purchase ahead of your cruise so I think P&O Cruises are missing a trick.

This P&O drinks guide provides you with the individual prices, sourced from bar menus onboard. Although these prices are from Britannia, the prices seem to be the same across all P&O ships.

P&O Drinks Menu: Draught Beer with Prices

Shipyard American Pale Ale4.5% abvPint£5.00
Peroni Nastro Azzurro5.1% abvPint£4.95
Marston’s Pedigree4.5% abvPint£4.65
Stella Artois5.0% abvPint£4.65
Foster’s4.0% abvPint£4.30
John Smith’s Extra Smooth3.6% abvPint £4.30

P&O Drinks Menu: Real Ale

Bateman xxxB4.8% abvPint£4.95
Adnams Ghost Ship4.5% abvPint£4.95

P&O Drinks Menu: British Beer with Prices

BrewDog Punk IPA5.6% abv330ml£4.50
Sharp’s Brewery Doom Bar4.3% abv500ml£4.75
Old Speckled Hen5.0% abv500ml£4.75
Old Speckled Hen (Gluten Free)5.0% abv500ml£4.75
Fuller’s London Pride4.7% abv500ml£4.75
Marston’s Pedigree4.5% abv500ml£4.40
Newcastle Brown Ale4.7% abv500ml£4.40
John Smith’s Extra Smooth3.6% abv500ml£4.20
Adnams Ghost Ship4.5% abv500ml£4.40
Black Sheep Ale4.4% abv500ml£4.75
Snowdonia Ale4.4% abv500ml£4.40
Tribute4.2% abv500ml£4.75
Bombadier Old English Ale5.2% abv500ml£4.35
Cumberland Ale4.0% abv500ml£4.35
Devon Dreamer4.1% abv500ml£4.35
Good Old Boy4.0% abv500ml£4.35
Lancaster Bomber4.4% abv500ml£4.35
Oxford Gold4.6% abv500ml£4.35
Tanglefoot5.0% abv 500ml £4.75
Trooper4.7% abv500ml£4.35


Guinness Draught Can4.2% abv440ml£4.75

P&O Drinks Menu: Pale Ale

Brewers Gold4.0% abv500ml£4.35
Love Lane Pale4.5% abv330ml£4.10
Mary Jane3.5% abv500ml£4.75
Organic Lutrins Real Ale5.0% abv330ml£4.10
Pumphouse Pale Ale4.2% abv500ml£4.35
Silver Dollar4.9% abv500ml£4.35

Indian Pale Ale (IPA) Menu with Prices

Okell’s IPA4.5% abv500ml£4.75
Punk IPA 5.6% abv330ml£4.50
White Shield5.6% abv500ml£4.75

Golden/Blonde Ale Menu with Prices

Titanic Quarter Beer4.2% abv500ml£4.35
Wold Top Beer Gold4.8% abv500ml£4.75
Yorkshire Pride3.7% abv500ml£4.35

World Larger Menu with Prices

Corona 4.5% abv330ml£4.50
Peroni Nastro Azzurro5.1% abv330ml£4.50
Budweiser4.8% abv330ml£4.50
Bud Light3.5% abv300ml£4.40
Carling4.0% abv500ml£4.75
Beck’s5.0% abv330ml£4.40
Birra Moretti L’Autentica4.6% abv330ml£4.40
Stella Artois5.0% abv330ml£4.40
Carlsberg3.8% abv330ml£3.50
Estrella Damm Daura (Gluten Free)5.4% abv330ml£4.50

Strong Ale Menu with Prices

Bellhaven Wee Heavy7.4% abv330ml£4.35
Broadside6.3% abv500ml£4.75
Old Peculier5.6% abv500ml£4.75

P&O Drinks Menu: Speciality Beer

Interesting beers such as Banana Bread Beer and Mocha Ale are featured in the specialty section of the P&O drinks menu.

Banana Bread Beer5.2% abv500ml£4.75
Lemon Dream4.5% abv500ml£4.75
Mocha Ale 6.0% abv500ml£4.35
Young’s Double Chocolate Stout5.2% abv500ml£4.35

Beer Flights

In Brodie’s Pub the drinks menu features beer flights. Each flight includes three 1/3 pints for £4.95. This enables you to try a range of new beers from different regions of Great Britain.

Cider and Specialty Menu with Prices

Aspall Cyder5.5% abv500ml£4.95
Thatchers Gold4.5% abv500ml£4.75
Strongbow Dark Fruits4.0% abv440ml£4.60
Strongbow5.3% abv440ml£4.60
Aspall Perronelle’s Blush4.0% abv500ml£4.90
Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime4.0% abv500ml£4.95
Crabbie’s Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer4.0% abv500ml£4.75

P&O Drinks Menu: Craft Ciders with Prices

Annings Elderflower & Cucumber Cider4.0% abv500ml£4.95
Old Rosie7.0% abv330ml£4.75
Reveller4.5% abv330ml£4.75

Low and Non-Alcoholic Beer/Cider Menu with Prices

Beck’s Non-Alcoholic0.05% abv330ml£2.90
San Miguel0% abv330ml£3.05
Kopparberg Alcohol Free Mixed Fruit0% abv500ml£4.50
Heineken 0.00%330ml£3.50

P&O Soft Drinks Menu

Pepsi/Diet Pepsi/Pepsi Max/LemonadeRegular£2.25
Pepsi/Diet Pepsi/Pepsi Max/LemonadeLarge£3.05
J20 Orange & Passionfruit/Apple & Raspberry275ml£2.75
J20 Spritz Apple & Watermelon/Pear & Raspberry275ml£2.45
Red Bull250ml£3.05
Vita Coco330ml£2.05
Volvic Touch of Fruit Sugar Free Strawberry/Lemon & Lime500ml£2.05
Harrogate Spring Water Still/Sparkling 500ml£1.95
San Pellegrino Sparkling Orange/Lemon330ml£2.05
7-Up Diet330ml£2.05
Tango No Added Sugar330ml£1.95
Folkington’s Pure Squeezed Orange/Apple/Pineapple/Cranberry/Tomato Juice250ml£2.70
Fentimans Dandelion & Burdock/Ginger Beer/Mandarin & Seville Orange Jigger/Rose Lemonade/Gently Sparkling Elderflower275ml£2.85
Frobisher’s Jubilant Juices250ml£2.60

P&O Wine List

These wines can be found at almost every bar onboard. For a more extensive selection of wines, check out The Glass House menu, which also offers wine flights and food and wine pairings.

P&O wine flights
The Glass House wine flights
White Wine175ml250ml
Pinot Grigio£6.25£8.15
Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand)£6.50£8.50
Sauvignon Blanc (France)£5.75£7.00
Chardonnay Reserve£5.35£7.05
Unwooded Chardonnay £6.26£8.15
Rioja Blanco£4.80£6.25
Chardonnay £5.75£7.00
Vinho Verde£4.25£5.80
The Bon Viveur White£5.75£6.75
Rose Wine175ml250ml
Cotes de Provence£6.50£8.50
Zinfandel Rose£5.75£7.00
Red Wine 175ml250ml
Merlot (USA)£5.80£7.80
Merlot (Chile)£5.75£7.00
Cabernet Sauvignon£5.75£7.00

Exclusive Wines to P&O Cruises

P&O Cruises offers a small selection of exclusive wines specially blended by Olly Smith.

Bon Viveur White£5.25£6.75
Bon Viveur Rose£5.25£6.75
Bon Viveur Red£5.25£6.75

Champagne and Sparkling Wine List

Tattinger Brut Reserve NV£8.75£45.00
Tattinger Brut Prestige Rose£8.75£45.00
Balfour Brut ‘Leslie’s Reserve’£7.05£29.95
P&O champagne menu with prices

P&O Drinks Menu: Spirits

Spirits can be purchased in single (£3.50 to £5.10) and double (£6.00 to £7.60) measurements. Mixers are purchased separately. As an example, rum and coke is £5.10 but the mixer will give you enough for two drinks.


Monkey 47£5.00£7.50
Opihr Oriental Spiced£4.00£6.50
Bombay Sapphire£4.00£6.50
Tanqueray London Dry£4.00£6.50
Chase Rhubarb & Bramley Apple Pink Gin£4.25£6.75
Adnams Copper House Pink Gin£4.10£6.60
Gordon’s Pink Gin£3.80£6.30
JJ Whitley Pink Cherry Gin£3.60£6.10
Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger£4.30
Chase Seville Marmalade£4.20
Tarquin’s Dry£4.20
Silent Pool£4.20
Jawbox Classic Dry£4.20
Masons Yorkshire£4.20
Hampshire Gunpowder£4.20
Poetic Licence Northern Dry£4.20
Bloom London Dry£4.20
Brecon Special Reserve£4.00
Thomas Dakin£4.00
The Botanist£4.00
Hayman’s Old Tom£4.00
Warner Edwards Elderflower£4.00
Conker Dorset Dry£4.00
Portobello Road £4.00
Greenall’s Sloe Gin£3.80


Grey Goose£4.25£6.75
Smirnoff Red Label£3.75£6.25


Patron Anejo£4.10£6.60
Patron Silver£4.00£6.50
Patron XO Cafe Liqueur£4.00£6.50
La Chica Silver£4.00£6.50


Bacardi Carta Blanca£4.00£6.50
Captain Morgan White£3.75£6.25
Pyrat XO Reserve£4.40£6.90
Mount Gay XO£4.35£7.05
Mount Gay Eclipse£4.00£6.50
Appleton Estate Signature£4.00£6.50
Captain Morgan Dark£3.75£6.25
The Kraken Black Spiced£4.00£6.50
Sailor Jerry Spiced£4.00£6.50
Captain Morgan Spiced£3.50£6.00


Fever Tree200ml£2.55
Double Dutch mixer200ml£2.35
Schweppes Tonic Water200ml £1.90
Pepsi/Diet Pepsi mixer200ml£2.05
Britvic mixer150ml£2.05


Single Double
Johnnie Walker Black Label£4.25£6.75
Jameson Irish£4.00£6.50
Canadian Club£3.80£6.30
Famous Grouse£3.60£6.10
Balvenie single malt£4.50£7.00
Macallan Quest single malt£4.50£7.00
Oban single malt£4.50£7.00
Glenfiddich single malt£4.25£6.75
Glenmorangie single malt£4.25£6.75
The Dublin Liberties ‘Copper Alley’ 10 year old Irish Whiskey£4.50£7.00
Highland Park£4.10£6.60
Monkey Shoulder£4.10£6.60
Laphroaig Four Oak£4.25£6.75
Woodford Reserve£4.25£6.75
Jack Daniel’s Honey£4.10£6.60
Jack Daniel’s £4.00£6.50

Digestifs Menu

Sanderman 10 Year Old Tawny Port£5.50 75ml
Graham’s LBV Port£4.75 75ml
Blandy’s Duke of Clarence Madeira£4.80 75ml
Baileys£3.50 £6.00
Grand Marnier£3.50 £6.00
Tia Maria£3.50 £6.00
Southern Comfort£3.50 £6.00
Jagermeister£3.50 £6.00
Disaronno£3.50 £6.00
Drambuie£3.50 £6.00
Peach Snapps£3.50 £6.00
Cointreau£3.50 £6.00
Malibu£3.50 £6.00
Remy Martin Reserve 28 XO£8.40£10.90
Courvoisier £4.50£7.00
Martell VS Single Distillery£3.95£6.45
Three Barrels Brandy£3.50£6.00
Liqueur Coffee: Irish, Calypso, Irish Cream, Royale, Almonde£7.50

P&O Drinks Cocktail Menu

There are plenty of cocktails on the P&O drinks menus but I noticed that there were less frozen cocktails to choose from in comparison to the American cruise lines such as Princess Cruises. I did try a frozen Margarita on embarkation day and it just didn’t have as much flavour. My advice would be to avoid the frozen cocktails and order some that you may not have tried before. The Fruit Salad cocktail is one I’d recommend for around the pool on a warm day as it’s very refreshing.

P&O drinks fruit salad cocktail
Fruit Salad cocktail
The Red Snapper£6.65
Spiced Bajan Cup£6.65
Raspberry Creme Brulee£7.95
G,T & E£7.95
180 Degree Cooler£7.95
Original Singapore Sling£6.95
Wild Summer£8.15
Classic Champagne Cocktail£8.15
French 75£8.95
Kir Royale£8.15
Buck’s Fizz£8.15
Aperol Spritz£7.95
Martini Royale£7.15
Gordon’s Pink Spritz£7.15
White Peach Bellini£6.65
Sicilian Lemon Fizz£6.65
A Summer’s Love£6.65
Naughty and Spice£6.95
Pear Blossom£6.65
Fruit Salad£6.95
Monkey Mule£6.65
Cuba Libre£6.65
Mai Tai£6.95
Elderflower Collins£6.65
Long Beach Iced Tea£7.95
Planter’s Punch £6.20
Pimms No 1£6.95
Woo Woo£6.95
Whiskey Mac£6.95
XO Daquiri£6.65
The Godfather£7.95
Orange Bliss£6.65
Bubblegum Cosmo£6.65
Patron Paloma£6.65
Smoked Old Fashioned£7.95
Strawberry Daquiri£6.95
Pina Colada£6.95
P&O drinks cocktail menu
P&O cocktail list
cocktail menu on P&O Britannia

P&O Martini Menu with Prices

I thought that the martinis available were excellent and perfect for pre-dinner drinks.

Passionstar Martini£7.95
French Martini£6.65
Salted Caramel Martini£6.65
Flat White Martini£7.95
Raspberry Creme Brulee£6.65
P&O drinks menu martinis

P&O Mocktails Menu

There are non-alcoholic cocktails available on all P&O drinks menus and in particular, Brodie’s offers a good choice for £3.25 each. The Pussyfoot mocktail is a classic that has featured on P&O drinks menus for over 30 years. I remember enjoying them onboard Canberra when I was six years old!

Elderflower Fizz, Tropicana, Mango Mule, Coco Colada, Pineapple Pussyfoot, Saintly Sea Breeze, Bananaberry, Virgin Apple Mojito£3.75
Seedlip Garden & Tonic, Seedlip Spice & Tonic, Seedlip Citrus & Tonic£4.55

Seedlip is a range of the world’s first non-alcoholic spirits. These are a great option for people who don’t want to drink but also want something a bit more sophisticated than a soft drink.

Brodie's mocktail menu
P&O drinks menu with prices mocktails

Brodie’s Pub Snacks Menu

Brodie’s menu also features a selection of pub snacks such as pork scratchings, nuts and crisps to accompany your drinks. Are you brave enough to try the ‘Pig of Doom’ pork crackling? Beware, they contain ghost chillis!

Costa Coffee on P&O

You can purchase your favourite Costa drinks onboard P&O Cruises, so if you like to start your day with a strong coffee, you may want to head to the coffee bar.

Primo (regular)Medio (large)
Caffe Latte£2.60£2.95
Flat White£2.80£3.10
Hot Chocolate£2.80£3.10
Iced Latte£2.55£2.95
Iced Cappuccino£2.55£2.95
Coffee Frostino£3.15£3.45
Caramel Latte Frostino£3.35£3.65
Summer Red Berries Fruit Cooler£3.10£3.40
Mango & Passionfruit Fruit Cooler£3.10£3.40
Extra marshmallows, coffee shot, whipped cream£0.55

Tea on P&O

There is a selection of tea on P&O Cruises from your everyday brew to fruit and herbal teas. A cup of tea is £2.20.

Bars on P&O Britannia

There are plenty of bars onboard P&O Britannia to choose from so you’re never too far away from a drink. You will find some, like The Glass House, on other ships in the fleet.

Brodie’s Pub

Brodie’s is P&O Cruises’ onboard pub, a hub for live music, sport and entertainment. This venue is named after P&O’s co-founder, Brodie McGhie Wilcox. You can expect British bottled beers, spirits and wine here. It was nice to spot my local beer, Tribute, was featured on the Best of British menu.

This venue can get quite busy, particularly in the evenings when there are quizzes and games being hosted. There are some quieter ‘break-out’ spaces along one side with comfy seating and the casino is situated on the opposite side. There is waiter service or you can order directly from the bar in Brodie’s.

The Glass House

The Glass House can be found near the atrium and is the perfect place for those who appreciate fine wine. The menu was developed by wine connoisseur, Olly Smith and includes a light, tapas-style food menu that incorporates wine pairings.

The Glass House bar on P&O
The Glass House

Sunset Bar

If you enjoy sipping a cocktail and watching the wake view, the Sunset Bar on Deck 16 is a perfect spot. We enjoyed spending some time here in the late afternoon, during sailaways.

Crystal Room Bar

The Crystal Room is a lounge on Deck 7 that’s popular with dancers. Most nights there is ballroom dancing here. As they say, dancers aren’t drinkers, so if you’re looking for a quiet bar, this venue is likely to be a good choice.

The Crystal Room

The Crow’s Nest

For fantastic front-facing views during the day and elegant drinks at night, The Crow’s Nest is a bar that can be found across the P&O fleet. The bar isn’t open all day but in the evening it turns into a sophisticated piano bar for after-dinner drinks. This venue can be quite popular on formal nights.

Live Lounge

On Deck 7 aft, the Live Lounge is an entertainment venue that offers live music and doubles as the ship’s nightclub. On some occasions, this venue was completely empty and we popped in to get a quick drink at the bar. This is where the 80s night is held but don’t worry, fancy dress is not required or encouraged.

live lounge p&o britannia
The Live Lounge on Deck 7

The Limelight Club

The Limelight Club has a glamorous interior and hosts evening cabaret entertainment over dinner. We booked this venue twice during our cruise and really enjoyed the entertainment but the food was not up to the standard of the main dining room. I’d advise to go for the atmosphere, not the weird menus.

Limelight Club P&O Britanna

The Blue Bar

The main bar situated in the atrium is a great place to meet friends and family before dinner. It’s very popular on formal nights as the place to sip your champagne or bellini. This bar is brilliant for people watching and in the evenings there’s usual musicians in the atrium to provide some ambiance. It gets quieter after dinner as passengers head off to the other venues so for a drinks with friends it’s a nice spot.

P&O drinks at the atrium blue bar

P&O Drinks Packages

There are four P&O drinks packages available to cater for different needs. It’s important to note that if you wish to purchase a drinks package, all passengers sharing a cabin must do so. This is to stop people sharing one package. It means that you must choose the drinks package that most want to use. For example, you cannot mix and match drinks packages so if one person wants to purchase the Ultimate Drinks Package, all other adults in the same cabin must do too.

P&O Ultimate Drinks Package £39.95 pppd

  • The most extensive P&O drinks package offers up to 15 alcoholic drinks per day up to the price of £6.95
  • Non-alcoholic drinks are unlimited
  • A 20% discount is offered on drinks above £6.95, canned drinks and bottles of wine
  • Bottled water (500ml) are available with this package
  • Primo Costa drinks are included with this drinks package
  • Only one drink can be ordered at a time and a 15 minute wait is required between drinks orders
  • For beer drinkers, you need to drink more than 8 pints a day to make it worthwhile
  • For cocktail lovers, you need to drink at least 6 cocktails each day to reach the drinks package daily cost
  • If you enjoy spirits with a mixer, you need to drink at least 8 each day to cover the package cost
  • Doubles or large glasses of wine count as two drinks
  • The Ultimate Drinks Package is only available on cruises of five nights or more
  • You must purchase the Ultimate Drinks Package by day two of your cruise
  • It is only available to adults 18 and over (21 or over in US/UAE waters)

P&O Non-Alcoholic Drinks Package £19.95 pppd

  • This P&O drinks package offers unlimited draught soft drinks, juices, bottled water (500ml) and mocktails
  • A 20% discount is offered on larger bottled water, canned drinks and bottled premium soft drinks
  • Bottled water (500ml) are available with this package
  • Primo Costa and Teapigs drinks are included with this drinks package
  • You need to drink at least 7 mocktails to make it worth purchasing the package
  • For soft drink lovers, the package is worth purchasing if you plan to drink 10 or more each day
  • Only one drink can be ordered at a time and a 15 minute wait is required between drinks orders
  • The Non-Alcoholic Drinks Package is only available on cruises of five nights or more
  • You must purchase the drinks package by day two of your cruise

P&O Hot Drinks Package £10.95 pppd

  • This P&O drinks package offers unlimited non-alcoholic hot drinks
  • Primo Costa drinks, Teapigs and hot chocolate are included with this drinks package
  • A 20% discount is available for medium/large hot drinks from Costa Coffee
  • Only one drink can be ordered at a time and a 15 minute wait is required between drinks orders
  • For coffee drinkers, you need to drink more than 4 cups a day to make it worthwhile
  • For tea lovers, you need to drink at least 5 cups each day to reach the drinks package daily cost
  • The Hot Drinks Package is only available on cruises of five nights or more
  • You must purchase the package by day two of your cruise

P&O Children’s Drinks Package £7.95 pppd

  • When adults purchase the Ultimate Drinks Package, children sharing the same cabin will need the Children’s Drinks Package
  • Unlimited draught soft drinks, small hot chocolate, squash/cordial by the glass and selected juices are included
  • Bottled water (500ml), cans and bottles of soft drinks or juices are not available with this package
  • If your child is likely to drink more than four soft drinks per day, this package is worth it
  • Only one drink can be ordered at a time and a 15 minute wait is required between drinks orders
  • The Children’s Drinks Package is only available on cruises of five nights or more
  • You must purchase by day two of your cruise
  • It is only available to children 16 years and younger

P&O Wine Packages

P&O Cruises has two wine packages to choose from:

  • Captain’s Collection offers six bottles for £120 or 12 bottles for £230
  • Commodore’s Collection offers six bottles for £145 or 12 bottles for £270
P&O wine package menu

Is the P&O Drinks Package worth it?

Personally, we were ready to purchase the Ultimate Drinks Package when we got onboard but quickly realised that for us, it wouldn’t be worth it.

If you plan to drink plenty on your cruise it will be worth purchasing but it will take some doing e.g. 8 pints or 6 cocktails a day just to cover the cost. The best value P&O drinks package is the children’s drinks package at just £7.95 per person, per day but it does mean that everyone in the cabin will need at least the non-alcoholic drinks package.

The P&O drinks prices are very reasonable and what you’re likely to find in most UK high street bars and restaurants. By paying for individual drinks we didn’t feel pressurised to get our money’s worth.

There are opportunities to bag some free drinks on your P&O cruise if you keep your eye out. If you’re looking to keep your costs down, there is always tea, coffee, cordial and milk available at no additional charge throughout the day and juices are served at breakfast.

You may wish to consider buying a P&O drinks package if you have plenty of sea days or plan to spend more time on the cruise ship. I would advise you to do some simple calculations first before feeling like you need to have one.



  1. Anna Bee
    August 9, 2021 / 10:27 am

    Can you just have the drinks package for one day or do you have to have it every day of your cruise.


    March 17, 2022 / 7:56 am


    • Laura
      March 17, 2022 / 8:11 am

      If I find a list I’ll post it here for you. My post includes the wine by the bottle you can choose for the package but I will try to find their individual prices.

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