Royal Caribbean Laundry Guide

In preparation for your cruise with Royal Caribbean there are a number extra things you may want to consider. No one wants to be spending too much precious vacation time doing laundry. Here’s the complete guide to Royal Caribbean Laundry with tips and tricks to save you time and money.

Laundry Services on Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean offers the following laundry services on its ships:

  • Wash and Press
  • Pressing
  • Steaming
  • Dry clean and press
  • Wash and fold specials

Let’s take a look at these five options in more detail.

Wash and Press Service

Hand washing your clothes takes up valuable vacation time on your Royal Caribbean cruise so you can choose to get your clothes cleaned by the onboard laundry service. To do this, simply complete the laundry form and leave it in your cabin for your room steward to collect.

Wash and Press Price List

Short sleeved shirt$3.99
Long sleeved shirt$4.99
Dress $8.99

Royal Caribbean will not accept suits, jackets or evening gowns for the wash and press service. This service is ideal if you want to wear an item more than once on your cruise.

Pressing and Steaming Service on Royal Caribbean

This service is a perfect option if you find that some of your clothes are a bit creased or crumpled when you unpack at the start of your cruise. We used this service after we embarked in Barcelona, having spent two days there before the cruise.

Laundry Prices for Pressing and Steaming

Prices between the two options varies and will depend on the item of clothing. Steaming is the slightly cheaper option for some items. You may want to choose steaming if you are concerned about items made of delicate fabric because the iron doesn’t make contact with the item.

Short sleeved shirt$2.99$2.99
Long sleeved shirt$3.99$3.99
Evening gown$14.99$12.99
Dress $6.99$6.49

Royal Caribbean Dry Cleaning and Pressing

Dry cleaning includes pressing and should be selected for items that are too delicate to go through a normal wash. This is the most expensive option but will save you money in the long run, so you don’t ruin special clothes such as formal wear.

It’s always best to check the clothes label to see the recommended cleaning type.

Laundry Prices for Dry Cleaning

Short sleeved shirt$5.99
Long sleeved shirt$6.99
dry cleaning Royal Caribbean laundry
Dry cleaning

Laundry Wash and Fold Specials

Guests can now send smaller clothing items to be washed and folded for the fixed amount of $34.99 per bag. All you need to do is fit as much as you can into the laundry bag provided by your stateroom attendant.

The laundry bag is approximately 3.5″ by 23″ in size so you can get quick a lot of you small items like underwear, vests and t-shirts in it.

This special service takes the hassle out of washing all of your clothes when you get home from your cruise. Let Royal Caribbean laundry take care of it and you only have to iron the necessary items back home.

royal caribbean laundry wash and fold service

On some ships, you may also come across an Express Press option for $17.49. You can pack as many clothes in the bag provided, which will be pressed and returned within 24 hours. This may only be available on the first day of your cruise.

How long does Laundry take on Royal Caribbean ships?

Your clothes will be returned by 5.30pm the next day unless you choose the Express Service. The Express Same Day Service costs an extra 50% and will be returned to your cabin by 5.30pm as long as you hand it to your stateroom steward before 11am that day.

You can choose the Same Day Service on the laundry form found in your stateroom.

Royal Caribbean laundry price list

Is there self-service laundry on Royal Caribbean?

No, Royal Caribbean does not offer guests a laundry to use like other cruise lines such as Princess Cruises and P&O Cruises.

You may opt to hand wash items in your cabin bathroom (such as bathing suits) but as you are not allowed to bring a travel iron or steamer on Royal Caribbean ships, it makes it difficult to wash and iron items yourself.

You can dry items using the retractable washing line, usually found in the shower.

hand wash in cruise cabin
You can wash small items in your cabin

Free Laundry on Royal Caribbean

There are a few ways to get free laundry service on Royal Caribbean ships:

  • If you are staying in a Star Class Suite, laundry and pressing is complimentary
  • If you are Platinum on the Crown and Anchor Society Tiers, you will receive $5 off a $34.99 Wash & Fold Laundry Bag (on 5+ night sailings)
  • If you are Emerald on the Crown and Anchor Society Tiers, you will receive $5 off a $25 Dry Clean or Press and $5 off a $34.99 Wash & Fold Laundry Bag (on 5+ night sailings)
  • Diamond and Diamond Plus Crown and Anchor members receive $5 off a $25 Dry Clean or Press and $10 off a $34.99 Wash & Fold Laundry Bag (on 5+ night sailings)
  • Pinnacle Crown and Anchor members receive a free $34.99 Wash & Fold Laundry Bag (on 5+ night sailings), $5 off a $25 Dry Clean or Press, $5 off a $17.49 Express Press (Redeemable on Day 1 only) and $10 off a $34.99 Wash & Fold Laundry Bag (on 5+ night sailings).

Royal Caribbean Laundry Tips and Tricks

  • If you know when formal night is planned, send any laundry you need as early as possible so that you don’t have to wait until the last minute or pay extra for the Same Day Service
  • Be weary of sending any delicate or expensive items to be cleaned. Royal Caribbean does not take responsibility for colours running, fading or shrinking
  • Make sure you have included every item you’re sending to the laundry on the laundry form. If the crew don’t have a record of it, it may become misplaced from your order with no way of knowing who’s order it was from
  • Pack a clothes refresher spray to get more wear out of the clothes you take on your cruise
  • An anti-wrinkle clothes spray can help to get rid of creases without the need to iron
  • Consider packing a stain remover pen to treat stains immediately but be aware that it may cause colour damage on certain fabrics
  • Look out for special laundry deals at the beginning and towards the end of your cruise
  • Even if you don’t choose to use the laundry service onboard, pack a laundry bag so you can keep clean and dirty laundry separate in your suitcase
  • Alternatively, pack enough clothes so there’s no need to do any laundry and simply enjoy everything onboard a Royal Caribbean cruise!

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