Complete Princess Cruises Theatre Shows Guide

On a Princess cruise you can expect shows in the Princess Theater almost every evening. Performances include singers, dancers, entertainers, guest performers and production shows. In this post, I have compiled a comprehensive list of the Princess Cruises theatre shows on each Princess cruise ship.

It’s handy to know in advance which production shows are onboard, especially if you are planning to book your dining around evening shows. It’s important to note that not all ships are the same and the theatre shows on Princess Cruises differ ship-by-ship.

What productions shows are on Princess Cruises?

There are many production shows onboard Princess Cruises’ ships and the advantage of this is that when you cruise on different ships, you can enjoy a variety of shows. The same production shows are not performed on all Princess ships.

It’s also worth noting that Princess Cruises theatre shows are all original productions, that you won’t see anywhere else.

The biggest production shows are:

  • Spotlight Bar
  • Rock Opera
  • Bravo
  • 5-SKIES
  • The Secret Silk
  • Magic To Do
  • Encore

These Princess Cruises theatre shows are predominantly found on the Royal-class ships (Royal, Regal, Majestic, Sky, Enchanted and Discovery).

More production shows are available on other Princess cruise ships and I’ve listed them in this post.

Spotlight Bar on Princess Cruises

Spotlight Bar is the newest original production show

The newest original production show that Princess Cruises has introduced on selected ships is Spotlight Bar. The show centres around a friendly neighbourhood bar and tells the stories of the individuals who spend time there. Their stories are told through a modern musical playlist, with cast performances of various songs such as:

  • “Brave,” Sara Bareilles
  • “Don’t You Worry About a Thing,” Stevie Wonder
  • “Havanna,” Camila Cabela
  • “Old Town Road,” Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus
  • “Drink You Away,” Justin Timberlake 
  • “Freedom,” George Michael

One of the most impressive elements of this show is the set design, which brings the bar to life. This is thanks to Scenic Designer, Morgan Large, who has previously designed scenery for Rock of Ages, FameTell Me On A SundayRoom on the Broom and Top Hat.

You can see Spotlight Bar on Discovery Princess, Enchanted Princess and from early 2023, Sky Princess.

Rock Opera

The biggest strength of Rock Opera are the singers. Don’t be mislead by the name, it includes a good range of powerful songs in different genres, including some from ‘The Greatest Showman’. This show is the first to incorporate American Sign Language into a performance.

Dramatic costumes add to the theatrical performances and overall, this show is a big hit with cruisers.

Take a look at my dedicated post about Rock Opera.

Opening performance in Rock Opera


Princess Cruises’ theatre show, Bravo!, offers a combination of pop and opera including songs such as:

  • “Time to Say Goodbye”
  • “Habanera” from Carmen
  • “Skyfall” by Adele

The singers and dancers are backed by a large, 13-piece orchestra. Princess Cruises is known for its live music, rather than pre-recorded.


5-SKIES has caused a bit of confusion with some passengers as the show is set in a video game. My advice would be to go for the spectacle and enjoy the performance. The theatre show combines immersive hologram projections with a panorama of video walls and includes aerial performances.

Princess Cruises theatre shows include 5-SKIES

The Secret Silk

The Secret Silk incorporates puppetry from Jim Hensen’s Creature Shop to bring Asian traditions and stories to life. World-renowned musical composer, Stephen Swartz worked with Princess Cruises to create this original production show.

The Secret Silk Princess Cruises theatre shows
During a backstage tour on Royal Princess, we got a closer look at the puppets from The Secret Silk

This looks like a West End show and has high production values so if you have the chance to watch it, it’s going to be different to some of the more cabaret-style shows found on Princess.

Magic To Do

This Princess Cruises theatre show incorporates magic tricks and illusions into the performance. Performers were trained by an experienced magician to prepare for the show.

Magic To Do showcases some of Stephen Schwartz’s most famous songs, including “Day by Day” and “Defying Gravity” along with a new number, “A Little Magic,” composed exclusively for Princess Cruises.


Encore is a set in a beautiful Montecito garden and features pop, opera and musical theatre performances. This show was inspired by another Princess show, Bravo!

You can expect an impressive onstage orchestra showcasing new songs, elaborate costumes and stunning sets. Ballroom dancing complements the singers during performances.

Princess Cruises Theatre Shows by Ship

The production shows in the Princess Theater differ ship-to-ship but this handy guide, will give you an idea of the shows to expect on each Princess cruise ship.

Princess ShipTheatre Shows Onboard
Caribbean PrincessBravo!, Uptown Boys, Broadway
Coral PrincessOn the Bayou, Encore
Crown PrincessEncore, Sweet Soul Music, Disco: Blame it on the Boogie
Diamond PrincessBravo, Born to be Wild
Discovery PrincessSpotlight Bar, Rock Opera
Emerald PrincessRock Opera
Enchanted PrincessSpotlight Bar, Rock Opera, 5-SKIES
Grand PrincessBritish Invasion, Stardust
Island PrincessA Tribute to Mowtown
Majestic PrincessEncore, Fantastic Journey (exclusive to Majestic), Sweet Soul Music
Regal PrincessBravo!, Sweet Soul Music
Royal PrincessThe Secret Silk, Encore, Sweet Soul Music, Colors of the World
Ruby PrincessColors of the World, Magic To Do
Sapphire PrincessBravo, Let Us Entertain You, Do You Wanna Dance
Sky PrincessRock Opera, 5-SKIES, Spotlight Bar

What times do theatre shows start on Princess Cruises?

The times vary slightly ship-to-ship but usually Princess Cruises theatre shows are shown twice each evening. This can be for example, 8pm and 10pm or 7.30pm and 9.30pm.

Show times will be available to view in advance of your cruise using the Medallion app.

My advice is to arrive around 30 minutes early for a show. The later show of the evening is generally quieter.

How do you book shows on Princess Cruises?

You do not need to book the shows in the Princess Theater. Our best advice is to arrive in plenty of time before a show starts to get a seat.

Passengers with the Princess Premier package can reserve seats (for production shows only). Be aware that you cannot reserve specific seats but you will be able to sit in the reserved seating section.

Passengers staying in a Sky Suite can also enjoy reserved seating.

We experienced a Sky Suite on Sky Princess and made use of this twice. We simply told the Suite Manager which performances we wanted to watch and met him outside the Princess Theater 15 minutes before the performance.

book seats for shows on princess cruises sky suite perk
Guests in Sky Suites can reserve a seat in the Princess Theater

How long are the production shows on Princess Cruises?

The original production shows on Princess usually last around 45 minutes. This allows for two performances per night.


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