Cruise News: Could Virgin Voyages change cruising forever?

Richard Branson has plans to share the latest news about the brand new cruise line, Virgin Voyages, on 31st October, 2017. Are you curious about the new Virgin Voyages?  Does anyone else think he should were a Halloween costume to deliver this exciting announcement?!

Richard Branson wants to offer a bold, glamorous cruise experience to tempt new cruisers to climb aboard.  Here are the six key things we know so far about Virgin Voyages:

  1. The steel-cutting ceremony took place on 22nd March 2017 in Genoa and work has begun to build Virgin Voyages’ first ship.  Completion is expected in 2020 with two further ships expected to be launched by 2022.virgin2
  2. Passengers will become ‘sailors’.  Yes ship mates, guests on Virgin Voyages will be known as sailors in an attempt to freshen things up.  Aye, aye Captain Branson!ahoy-sailor-virgin-voyages
  3. Branson wants to attract first-time cruisers by throwing the rule book overboard and designing a cruise experience that millennials will want to try.  Expect a boutique feel to the ships, only anticipated to serve 2,800 sailors (passengers).fl-virgin-voyages-update-video-10182016
  4. Virgin Voyages will go green.  There are plans for the new ships to employ environmentally-friendly systems to convert waste into clean electricity.  The company Climeon Ocean will work closely with Virgin to ensure that the ships’ carbon footprint is smaller than other cruise ships.assistance-990332_960_720
  5. Ed Perrin, a former Captain with Princess, P&O and Cunard, has been hired to oversee safety and marine operations.  He is well qualified, having played a lead role in the Regal Princess’ inaugural season.  You may remember him from ITV’s The
  6. The first of Virgin Voyages’ ships, yet to be named, will be based out of Miami so expect Caribbean itineraries, including Cuba.  Perhaps the British Virgin Islands?Virgin_VoyagesYou can keep up-to-date with news and exclusives about Virgin Voyages here.
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