Virgin Voyages Plans Epic Eats for Scarlet Lady

Virgin Voyages is all about breaking the mold when it comes to cruising and its latest news reveals a number of things planned for the restaurants onboard its first cruise ship, Scarlet Lady.


Scarlet Lady will be an adult-only cruise ship and the new cruise company has plans for the following features in its restaurants:

  • A bar in every restaurant
  • Al fresco dining options
  • No buffet
  • All food will be made to order to reduce food waste
  • No cover charges in any of the 20+ restaurants

Creative Collective

The design concept for the restaurants onboard Scarlet Princess is being created by the Virgin Voyages’ Creative Collective, which includes the world-class AvroKO Hospitality Group, and their very own Michelin starred chef Brad Farmerie (whose claims to fame include: Saxon + Parole, Public in New York City, Genuine Liquorette, and Ghost Donkey, among others).  They are joined by Roman & Williams, Stephen Alesch and Robin Stanfeder, whose years spent crafting sets for some of Hollywood’s top films taught them that building a space isn’t just about creative design, it’s about creating an experience.


So far, Virgin Voyages has revealed the names of 8 of its 20 restaurants: Wake restaurant, Test Kitchen, Pizza Place, Geonbae, The Galley, Pink Agave, Extra Virgin and Razzle Dazzle.

Wake Restaurant

wake restaurant virgin voyages scarlet lady
Wake Restaurant, photo credit: Virgin Voyages

The Wake restaurant will serve steak and seafood with breathtaking views of the ship’s wake in stylish surroundings.  The restaurant has been designed by Roman and Williams.

wake view restaurant
Enjoy the wake view

Test Kitchen

Test Kitchen Scarlet Lady virgin voyages
The Test Kitchen restaurant planned for Scarlet Lady

The Test Kitchen will be an experimental dining experience, designed by Concrete Amsterdam.  The chefs will hand-pick the ingredients and sailors will have the opportunity to sit on communal tables.



This Korean BBQ restaurant promises to give the first round of top-shelf soju shots on the house.  Soju is a popular South Korean, which is usually downed in one although it’s traditionally acceptable to sip subsequent shots of the alcohol drink.

Korean BBQ Geonbae
Geonbae, the Korean BBQ restaurant

Pink Agave

This Mexican restaurant is being designed by Tom Dixon.  It’s decor promises to be stylish and upscale.  The ingredients will be simple and freshly prepared.

pink agave virgin voyages
The entrance to Pink Agave, photo credit: Virgin Voyages

The Galley

This made-to-order food market looks very much like a buffet but Virgin Voyages has confirmed that there will not be a buffet on Scarlet Lady.

In The Galley, sailors will be able to enjoy Sushi, soup, bakery items, tacos, desserts and many more options to choose throughout the day.  You will find this restaurant on the lido deck.

Pizza Place

A laid back vibe will be found at Virgin Voyages’ Pizza Place, the onboard pizzeria complete with comfortable seating, hammocks and views of the ocean.  I think the hammocks may be for when you’ve eaten too much pizza!

pizza virgin voyages
The Pizza Place on Scarlet Lady, photo credit: Virgin Voyages

Extra Virgin

Virgin Voyages have aptly named their onboard Italian restaurant, Extra Virgin.  Here you will be able to enjoy authentic pasta dishes on communal tables or within a private dining room.  This restaurant is inspired by the ‘mobster’s lair’.

virgin voyages italian restaurant
The ‘mobster’s lair’ inspired Extra Virgin restaurant, photo credit: Virgin Voyages

Razzle Dazzle

Razzle dazzle restaurant virgin voyages
The Razzle Dazzle restaurant, photo credit: Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages’ signature onboard restaurant will be called Razzle Dazzle, which will serve meals throughout the day from breakfast to dinner.  Meals on offer will include salads, burgers and vegetarian options guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters.  This appears to be the restaurant that will replace the main dining room found on other cruise lines.

virgin voyages razzle dazzle restaurant
The entrance to Razzle Dazzle, photo credit: Virgin Voyages

Within the restaurant will be the Red Bar that will serve naughty (cocktails) and nice (smoothies) options.  I think I’d opt for the naughty options myself!

Probably the most surprising announcement surrounding the Razzle Dazzle restaurant will be that for two days on each cruise, the restaurant will host the ‘Drag Brunch’.  There will be drag queens appearing to entertain diners and ‘nurse that hangover while working on a new one’.  The entrance to Razzle Dazzle (pictured above) may need to be avoided though if you are suffering from a hangover!

Scarlet Princess

The first cruise ship from Virgin Voyages will debut in 2020.  Prices are yet to be revealed but it’s interesting that all restaurants will be included in the cruise fare.  The ship will cruise around the Caribbean during it’s first season and be based out of Port Miami.  One of the first cruise destinations revealed by Virgin Voyages was Cuba.  New concepts revealed by the company include plans to call its cruise passengers ‘sailors’ and an onboard tattoo parlour.


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  1. I love the name Scarlet Lady for a cruise ship! Works well for an adult-only cruise ship, and I have to say, that notion appeals so much. The range of restaurants sounds really good, particularly Geonbae and Pink Agave.

    1. Thanks Kavita, Virgin Voyages are really trying to offer something new on their first cruise ship, which may entice new people to cruising.

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