Customise your OceanMedallion with Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises has introduced new technology on to all of its cruise ships that is revolutionising the way we cruise. At the centre of this is the wearable OceanMedallion, which is fully automated and replaces the cruise card. A new feature of this, is that you can now customise your OceanMedallion for each cruise to reflect your interests, hobbies and celebrations.

How to personalise your OceanMedallion with Princess Cruises

The Medallion Class app works with your OceanMedallion to register a number of preferences and bookings before your cruise. It’s important that you download the app before your cruise. It’s on this app that you order your OceanMedallion to be sent to you at home or to be collected at the port.

You can order your OceanMedallion at no additional charge to reflect your loyalty status e.g. blue, gold, ruby, platinum but you can also opt for something more personalised for a $5 fee using Medallion customisation.

Step One: Open the Medallion Class app on your phone and log in using Quick Access

Two: Scroll down to OceanReady Profile and select Travel Checklist, here you can see Choose your Medallion wearable

Three: Here you can choose whether you have your OceanMedallion sent to you at home or to be collected at the port.

Four: Select the design you want, you can opt for the colour of your loyalty status or choose from the different design categories ($5 extra).

OceanMedallion customisation

What OceanMedallion designs can you choose?

You can choose from a wide selection of designs:

  • Pets
  • Special interests
  • Landmarks
  • Tagalong art
  • Personal Tagalong art
  • Birthstone
  • Traveller nationality
  • Zodiac signs
  • Celebrations
  • Animals

Read on to take a look at the designs available to choose from in each of these categories.

Personalise your OceanMedallion with your Pet

You can now take your pet with you (in spirit) on your cruise with an OceanMedallion design.

Personalise your OceanMedallion with pets

Customise with your Birthstone

You can choose your birthstone for your Ocean Medallion. This is a particularly nice option if you plan to wear it as a necklace or to celebrate your birthday on board.

Personalise your OceanMedallion with your birthstone

Personalise your OceanMedallion with a Special Interest

Find others with the same interest as you by wearing it on your OceanMedallion. This could be a good ice breaker and conversation starter if you happen to spot others with the same design as yourself.

These are mostly military badges but I do quite like the Navy anchor design as a nautical design.

OceanMedallion Zodiac Signs

Similar to the birthstones, you can also personalise your Medallion with your sign of the zodiac.

Personalise your OceanMedallion with Famous Landmarks

This is perfect for bucket list cruises or those which take in one of these famous landmarks. You could choose to personalise your OceanMedallion with an iconic sight that represents your cruise. There is a good selection from different regions with many more that could be added in the future.

Ocean Medallion landmark designs

Ocean Medallion Celebration Designs

Many people take a cruise to celebrate a special occasion and now you can choose a design that marks it with a selection including birthday, anniversary, wedding and graduation designs.

I like the idea of this as you get a new Medallion for every cruise, just like a cruise card, so you will have a keepsake from a special cruise.

Ocean Medallion customized designs

Animal OceanMedallion Designs

This category of designs is different to the pet options because it has a choice of more exotic animals. Perhaps you may choose a particular animal based on the cruise itinerary e.g. for an Alaskan cruise you may choose a moose, bear, wolf or whale design.

Nationality Designs

Wear your nationality with pride on your OceanMedallion. I’m sure that more flags will be available in the future or on request.

Tagalong Designs

Princess Cruises has introduced interactive games to play on board and if you choose to, you can create your own avatar to represent yourself when playing these games. This is primarily aimed at children but big kids can also get involved! You can choose to have your avatar on your OceanMedallion or even a personalised avatar.

Personal tagalong art Ocean Medallion

What does a White OceanMedallion mean?

There is one other design that you may spot on your Princess Cruise – a white OceanMedallion. These are only given to passengers staying in a Sky Suite.

white oceanmedallion
sky suite

I was fortunate to have been upgraded to a Sky Suite on Sky Princess and received one of these white OceanMedallions. With this, comes a number of perks and therefore it’s a quick and easy way for the crew to recognise those staying in a Sky Suite.

Be aware that if you have booked a Sky Suite and want to customise your OceanMedallion, the personalised design will appear on the back of your OceanMedallion.

Final Thoughts on Customising your OceanMedallion

The OceanMedallion and MedallionNet technology is giving Princess Cruises’ passengers more ways to personalise their cruise experience and this latest development is just one more way to do just that.

There are a variety of designs to choose from including birthstones, pets and flags and all at a very reasonable price of $5 each. If you are celebrating a special occasion or taking a bucket list cruise, this might be a nice way to mark the event.

As many people keep their cruise cards for mementos, so too will people keep their OceanMedallions. I think that people will also collect OceanMedallions and try a different design on each cruise.

You may also find my post about how to use Dine my Way helpful, which includes a tutorial on how to order food and drink when onboard.



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