MedallionPay: Pay with your OceanMedallion in Port

Guests sailing with Princess Cruises can now pay for things in selected ports with their OceanMedallion. Until now, MedallionPay has only been able to be used to make onboard purchases but it can now be used at a number of outlets in cruise ports.

How to use MedallionPay in Port

MedallionPay allows guests to use their Medallion to shop in stores displaying the MedallionPay seal in their storefronts.

MedallionPay sign to look out for in cruise ports
Look out for this in port

Your OceanMedallion will automatically verify your identity and the transaction is confirmed just like when you are onboard.

Although the roll out is in the early stages, the hope is that it will offer passengers extra security because there is no need to take large sums of cash or credit cards ashore.

“MedallionPay offers the ultimate in payment convenience and security for guests both on board and now in ports we visit, seamlessly blending the onboard and destination experience. What makes MedallionPay extra special is the instant onboard value it delivers to guests in addition to base benefits with their associated credit card.”

John Padgett, president of Princess Cruises

The credit card you have linked to your OceanMedallion can be used in stores that accept it, just by using your OceanMedallion to pay.

No credit card or personal information is stored on your OceanMedallion. The technology uses tokenisation, abstraction and encryption to make payments safe.

When making a purchase, merchants securely confirm the transaction with a two-factor authentication that exceeds typical credit card transaction.

Which Ports and Shops can you use MedallionPay

Guests can now use their Medallion to shop and dine out with a number of merchants in the Caribbean, Mexican Riviera and Alaska.

Alaska Ports and Shops

  • Juneau: Diamonds International
  • Ketchikan: The Gold Rush
  • Skagway – coming soon

Caribbean Ports and Shops

  • St Thomas: Diamonds International, Ocean Surfari, Pirates Treasure Shipwreck Museum and Store, Cafe Amici, Cariloha, Del Sol
  • Barbados – coming soon
  • St Maarten – coming soon
  • St Lucia – coming soon

Mexico Ports and Shops

Cabo San Lucas:

  • Diamonds International
  • Solomon’s Landing
  • Tequila Lighthouse
  • El Coral Mezquite Grill
  • RMC Pharmacy
  • Real Mc Coy Jewellery
  • Kedma Cosmetics
  • Cobalto pottery, tiles and handbags
  • Tesoros Collections
  • Mayan Flea Market
  • Tabo Tequila Store
  • Arco Pharmacy
  • Saina
  • La Sufrida Food and Bar
  • Hooliganz Corner Bar
  • California Tequila Tours
  • Cabo Dolphins

Puerto Vallarta:

  • Diamonds International
  • The Blue Shrimp Restaurant
  • Tierra Huichol
  • Farmacia Pharmacy PVR
  • Cacao Magico
  • Si Senor Mexican Restaurant
  • Si Senor Garden
  • Euphoria
  • Choco Museo
  • Don Fernando
  • Sayulita Beach Arcos Restaurant Bar
  • Sunshine
  • The Opal Mine
  • Museo del Tequila
  • Prestige Rental
  • Magic Beer Restaurant and Bar
  • El Patron
  • Ferchis Lobster House
  • Cariloha
  • Del Sol


  • Diamonds International
  • Aura Jewellery
  • Mayan Flea Market
  • Mayan Flea Market Jewellers
  • Tesoros Collections
  • Don Tequila
  • Mi Pueblito Restaurant and Bar
  • Cariloha
  • Del Sol

MedallionPay Shipboard Credit

Guests who make purchases with participating merchants can get 7% back in shipboard credit when they associate a credit card with a MedallionPay account. This equates to greater rewards when guests associate their MedallionPay account with a cash back credit card.


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