Princess Cruises Casual Dining by Ship: A Helpful Guide

Navigating the recent changes to dining on Princess Cruises has become more difficult so we’ve created this guide to Princess Cruises Casual Dining to help. This useful guide lists every casual dining restaurant for each ship in the Princess fleet.

Casual dining in it’s new form was introduced on Princess Cruises in 2023.

Whether you are new to Princess Cruises or have cruised with them before, this guide will help you see exactly which restaurants are onboard your cruise.

What is Casual Dining on Princess Cruises?

Casual dining on Princess Cruises does not mean complimentary or included dining unless you have a Princess Plus or Princess Premier package.

Examples of casual dining venues on Princess cruise ships are:

  • Alfredo’s/Gigi’s Pizzeria – see menu
  • Ocean Terrace Sushi – see menu
  • Steamers
  • O’Malley’s Irish Pub
  • Planks BBQ
  • Salty Dog GastroPub
  • Vines Wine Bar
  • Kai Sushi – see sample menu

Casual dining restaurants on Princess cruise ships offer a casual style of dining.

You don’t need to dress up in these restaurants, and you don’t need to make reservations.

Casual Dining is one of three main types of dining on Princess Cruises:

  • Food and dining included with the cruise fare
  • Casual Dining
  • Specialty Dining

For more information about what is included in the standard fare, we’d recommend that you take a look at: What is Included on a Princess Cruise?

How much is Princess Cruises Casual Dining?

Princess Cruises Casual Dining restaurants offer al a carte menus and prix fixe menus (fixed price).

Prix fixe menus typically offer an appetiser, main course and dessert for $14.99 per person.

Prices for individual items on the menus are reasonable and it may be more cost-effective to order just a main course if that’s all you want.

What you pay depends on the type of package you have purchased for your cruise:

  • Princess standard fare (no package) – pay for Casual Dining al a carte or prix fixe prices
  • Princess Plus – you get two Casual Dining visits included per person, per cruise
  • Princess Premier – you get unlimited visits to Casual Dining restaurants throughout the cruise

If you have opted for the Princess standard fare, you will need to pay extra for Casual Dining restaurants.

You will pay for Casual Dining one way or another on a Princess cruise, so check if you have a package and find out if it’s Princess Plus or Princess Premier.

With a package, you will receive at least two visits to a casual restaurant per cruise.

What are the Casual Dining options on Caribbean Princess?

The Casual Dining restaurants available on Caribbean Princess are:

  • Vines Wine Bar
  • Planks BBQ
  • Steamers Seafood

Planks BBQ and Steamers Seafood are both pop-up dining options in the World Fresh Marketplace (buffet) and are open for dinner.

Caribbean princess cruise ship casual dining

Casual Dining on Coral Princess

Coral Princess has just one casual dining option. Alfredo’s Pizzeria is available at lunch times in Sabatini’s.

You can find the latest Alfredo’s Pizzeria menu here. Be aware that because this is only offered as a pop-up restaurant on Coral Princess, the menu is a reduced version.

Crown Princess Casual Dining

There are two Casual Dining restaurants on Crown Princess:

  • Salty Dog GastroPub
  • Vines Wine Bar

The offerings at Vines are designed to accompany your wine. There are crudités ($3), a charcuterie board ($12) and chocolate truffles ($3). If you decide to have all of these items, the prix fixe menu is $14.99.

Watch our tour of Crown Princess

Crown Princess casual dining

What are the Casual Dining restaurants on Diamond Princess?

Kai Sushi is the casual restaurant available on Diamond Princess.

As well as sushi, this restaurant offers noodles, ramen, sashimi, maki rolls and desserts. These are all individually priced or you can opt for the $14.99 prix fixe menu, which includes:

  • 1 x Appetizer
  • 1 x Nigiri Sushi
  • 1 x Sashimi
  • 1 x Maki Roll
  • 1 x Dessert
Diamond Princess kai sushi

Discovery Princess Dining

There are three options to choose from on Discovery Princess. This may make choosing a little tricky for Princess Plus passengers who have two casual dining meals included in their package. If you want to try all three, you simply pay extra for one.

Gigi’s Pizzeria, Ocean Terrace Sushi and the Salty Dog GastroPub offer al a carte and fixed-price dining on Discovery Princess.

It’s worth knowing that the menu for Gigi’s is the same as Alfredo’s (same pizza different name).

Discovery Princess casual venues

What are the Casual Dining restaurants on Emerald Princess?

Emerald Princess cruisers have the biggest choice of Casual Dining venues onboard.

There is:

  • Salty Dog GastroPub
  • Planks BBQ
  • Steamers Seafood
  • Vines Wine Bar

Be aware that Planks and Steamers are pop-up restaurants in the Worldfresh Marketplace and therefore have limited opening times.

Emerald Princess restaurants

Enchanted Princess Casual Dining

Passengers on Enchanted Princess can choose from:

  • O’Malley’s Irish Pub
  • Gigi’s Pizzeria
  • Ocean Terrace Sushi

Gigi’s menu is identical to Alfredo’s so take a look here.

Enchanted Princess used to have a Salty Dog GastroPub but it was replaced by the new Irish pub called O’Malley’s. So far, this seems to be fairly popular and reasonably priced for individual courses.

Ocean Terrace Sushi offers fresh sushi and some great views over the Piazza, perfect for lunch or a light dinner.

Watch our tour of Enchanted Princess.

Enchanted Princess dining options

Grand Princess

Vines and Alfredo’s Pizzeria are the Casual Dining restaurants available on Grand Princess.

The food at Vines is designed to accompany your wine. There are crudités ($3), a charcuterie board ($12) and chocolate truffles ($3). If you decide to have all of these items, the prix fixe menu is $14.99.

Grand Princess casual dining restaurants

Island Princess options

Island Princess has one casual dining option. Alfredo’s Pizzeria is available at lunch times in Sabatini’s.

You can find the latest Alfredo’s Pizzeria menu here. Be aware that because this is only offered as a pop-up restaurant for lunch, the menu is a reduced version.

Island Princess Alfredo's

What are the Casual Dining options on Majestic Princess?

All of these casual restaurants are situated in the Piazza (atrium area).

Majestic Princess dining options

Casual Dining restaurants on Regal Princess

Regal Princess Casual Dining restaurants are:

These are all permanent casual restaurants and can be found in the area surrounding the Piazza.

Take a look at Cruising For All’s guide to dining on Regal Princess.

Regal Princess food options

Royal Princess

Royal Princess has the same options as Regal Princess as they are almost identical ships:

  • Alfredo’s Pizzeria
  • Vines Wine Bar
  • Ocean Terrace Sushi

Vines and the Ocean Terrace are great for light lunches and dinners, whereas you definitely need to go hungry if you want to make the most of the pizzeria.

Royal Princess restaurants

Ruby Princess Casual Dining restaurants

The Salty Dog Gastro Pub and Vines are the Casual Dining restaurants on Ruby Princess.

The food items at Vines are designed to accompany wine. There are three dishes:

  • crudités ($3)
  • charcuterie board ($12)
  • chocolate truffles ($3)

You can have all three of these items for $14.99.

Sapphire Princess

Alfredo’s and Vines are the Casual Dining restaurants on Sapphire Princess.

We enjoyed dining at Alfredo’s on Sapphire Princess as it was relatively quiet for dinner and you also had the opportunity to enjoy the music coming from the Piazza.

We recommend reading our review of Sapphire Princess.

sapphire princess casual dining

What are the Casual Dining restaurants on Sky Princess?

  • Alfredo’s Pizzeria
  • Vines Wine Bar
  • Ocean Terrace Sushi

Alfredo’s Pizzeria was a particularly popular casual restaurant during lunch on Sky Princess when we cruised so we would recommend going for dinner.

We recommend reading our useful guide to specialty dining on Sky Princess.

Sun Princess Casual Dining restaurants

Sun Princess has three casual dining options onboard. It’s interesting to see that Alfredo’s Pizzeria is back (it’s called Gigi’s on other new ships).

  • Alfredo’s Pizzeria
  • Kai Sushi
  • O’Malley’s Irish Pub

O’Malley’s offers food and entertainment so it is a good option for dinner with the added bonus of more atmosphere than some of the other venues.

sun princess restaurants

Star Princess

Whilst it is still too early to confirm, it’s likely that the casual dining venues on Star Princess will match those on her sister, Sun Princess:

  • Alfredo’s Pizzeria
  • O’Malley’s Irish Pub
  • Kai Sushi
casual dining on Star Princess

Review of Casual Dining on Princess Cruises

We think that the casual dining options on Princess cruise ships are an affordable way to try different food on your cruise. This is especially good for longer cruises.

Our favourite casual restaurant has to be Alfredo’s Pizzeria. Alfredo’s has won awards for its freshly-made pizza and we’ve never found better pizza on a cruise to rival it. There has been some annoyance from regular Princess cruisers that Alfredo’s became a casual dining restaurant as until 2023, it was complimentary.

It’s worth knowing that if you don’t have a Plus or Premier package, you can still enjoy the casual dining options on board, you simply pay for what you have.

To take a closer look at the menus at each of the casual dining restaurants on Princess Cruises, we’d recommend taking a look at Brits on a Ship’s post dedicated to casual dining on Princess Cruises.


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