Princess Cruises Alfredo’s Pizzeria Menu with Photos and Prices

Princess Cruises’ pizzeria, Alfredo’s, is a firm favourite with cruisers and offers casual bistro-style dining. In this post I share the Alfredo’s Pizzeria menu with photos and a review of our experiences.

Alfredo’s Pizzeria on Princess Cruises

Alfredo’s is named after Princess Cruises’ former Master Chef, Alfredo Marzi and was voted “Best Pizza at Sea” by USA Today. On most ships it’s located near the Piazza.

The pizzerias on the newest Princess Cruises ships are now called Gigi’s but they still retain the best things about Alfredo’s that people love: made-to order-pizzas, a casual restaurant option and its open kitchen.

Which Princess ships have Alfredo’s Pizzeria?

Alfredo’s Pizzeria is available on the following cruise ships in the Princess fleet:

Gigi’s Pizzeria can be found on Enchanted and Discovery Princess.

How much is Alfredo’s on Princess Cruises?

Alfredo’s Pizzeria is a casual dining restaurant on Princess Cruises. This means that menu items have al a carte prices and a prix fixe menu.

  • Appetizers $5.00
  • Pizza and main course items $12.00
  • Special pizza $15.00
  • Dessert $3.00

A prix fixe meal at Alfredo’s is $14.99 and includes:

  • Appetizer
  • Pizza or main course item
  • Dessert

It’s important to know that all passengers can still dine at Alfredo’s Pizzeria.

No packageal a carte or pre-fixe menu paid on every visit
Princess Plus packageTwo casual dining restaurants – no additional charge
Princess Premier packageUnlimited casual dining restaurants – no additional charge

If you have opted to purchase the Princess Plus package, you can dine in Alfredo’s on up to two occasions on a cruise.

If you have the Princess Premier package, you can dine at Alfredo’s an unlimited number of times on a cruise.

The quality of food means it could easily be mistaken for a specialty dining restaurant but you can dine here for lunch and dinner whether you have a package or not.

Booking a Table at Alfredo’s Pizzeria

You don’t need to book a table at Alfredo’s in advance. This restaurant is getting increasingly popular, especially during lunch on sea days so I’d recommend having an early lunch here to avoid the queues.

Opening times vary slightly from ship to ship but it’s generally open from 11.30am to 11pm daily.

It’s not uncommon to see it busy during the day but it does become quieter during the evening as many passengers opt to eat in the main dining rooms.

If you fancy a low key dinner with some background music from the Piazza, Alfredo’s Pizzeria is definitely a good option.

We’ve eaten in Alfredo’s for dinner on a couple of cruises and we’ve almost had the restaurant to ourselves.

Since the Medallion app has been introduced on all Princess ships, you can now order pizza via the app for delivery between 11am and 11pm. It’s unclear if this is from Alfredo’s Pizzeria but even if it comes from Slice on the Lido Deck the quality is still going to be very good.

Alfredo’s Pizzeria Menu

Alfredo’s menu offers predominantly pizzas but on the Royal Class ships there is also a selection of pasta, salads and desserts.

The good thing is that you can dine at Alfredo’s more than once and have completely different experiences. In this section, I share the full Alfredo’s Pizzeria menu from Sky Princess.


Antipasto Mari e MontiParma ham, Genoa salami, Mortadella bay shrimp salad
Antipasto Assortito di Magro (v)Mozzarella caprese, grilled zucchini, sun-blushed tomatoes, roasted red and yellow peppers
Insalata Mista all’ AlfredoMixed green salad with Chef Alfredo’s balsamic-herb and extra virgin oil vinaigrette
Alfredo's Pizzeria menu appetizer
Antipasto Mari e Monti
Antipasto Assortito di Magro (v) Alfredo's Pizzeria appetizer
Antipasto Assortito di Magro (v)

Pasta Dishes

There are two pasta dishes available at Alfredo’s Pizzeria that you can have instead or as well as pizza – depending on your appetite!

Rollata di Melanzane (v)Baked rolled eggplant stuffed with angel hair pasta, mozzarella, grana padano topped with cherry tomatoes and basil sauce
Agnolotti Gratinati alla PiemonteseGratinated pasta pockets filled with veal and parmesan cheese tossed in a creamy veal sauce and sage
Rollata di Melanzane at Alfredo's pasta Princess Cruises
Rollata di Melanzane (v)
Agnolotti Gratinati alla Piemontese veal pasta Alfredo's Pizzeria princess cruises
Agnolotti Gratinati alla Piemontese

The Agnolotti Gratinati alla Piemontese, or veal pasta, is my favourite and isn’t too heavy a dish if you do decide you’d like pizza too.

Alfredo’s Pizza Menu

The pizzas at Alfredo’s are thin Neapolitan style and each one is made to order. You can watch the chefs busy making the pizzas in its open kitchen.

Pizza Margherita (v)Tomato sauce, mozzarella, sweet basil
Pizza PepperoniTomato sauce, mozzarella, spicy pepperoni, crushed red pepper, oregano
Pizza HawaiianTomato sauce, chicken, baked ham, pineapple cubes, mozzarella and monterey jack cheese
Pizza CapricciosaTomato sauce, mozzarella, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, ham, black olives and basil
Pizza RomanoTomato sauce, mozzarella, anchovies, capers, black olives, basil
Pizza TarantinaTomato sauce, mozzarella, mussels, bay shrimp, roasted garlic, capers, basil and oregano
Princess PizzaTomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, parma ham and shaved parmesan
Pizza Vegetarian (v)Sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, grilled zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted bell peppers, mushrooms, red onions, avocado and basil
CalzoneHalf-moon shaped pizza filled with tomato sauce, mozzarella, ricotta, mushrooms, red onions, ham and oregano
Pizza Baguette SicilianTuna, red onions, sliced tomatoes, basil and mozzarella
Alfredo's Pizzeria pepperoni pizza Princess Cruises
Pizza Pepperoni (with extra anchovies)

The pizza bases are freshly made onboard in the open kitchen so although you have a wait a little, it’s definitely worth it.

Pizza Capricciosa at Alfredo's Pizzeria on Sky Princess
Pizza Capricciosa

I particularly enjoyed the Pizza Capricciosa with artichoke hearts and black olives.

Pizza Romano at Alfredo's Pizzeria
Pizza Romano

If you can’t decide which pizza to have, you can order more than one or agree to share with others on your table. We have been known to do both because the pizza is so tasty.

Pizza Tarantina at Alfredo's
Pizza Tarantina (with extra anchovies)

You can order extra toppings on your pizza so we ordered the Pizza Tarantina with extra anchovies.

Princess Cruises pizza
Princess Pizza

The Princess Pizza is also known as Sapphire Pizza, Regal Pizza etc on different ships. I enjoyed one on our Sapphire Princess cruise.

Vegetarian pizza Sky Princess Alfredo's
Pizza Vegetarian

You can choose to have a selection of condiments on your pizza:

  • Chili pepper EVOO
  • Dried oregano flakes
  • Grated parmesan
  • Milled black pepper


If you have room for dessert, there is the choice of two. Unfortunately, we have never had room so we have no photos of this course!

TiramisuCoffee-soaked ladyfinger biscuits and sweet mascarpone with marsala zabaglione
Crostata di Mele Della NonnaApple torte with apricot jam and vanilla sauce

Overall Thoughts on Alfredo’s Pizzeria Menu

Alfredo’s is a exceptional casual dining option on selected Princess cruise ships. You should try to eat here at least once on your cruise.

The menu is compact but I like the addition of appetizers and pasta that have been introduced in recent years. Too much choice can hinder the chef’s abilities to provide fresh pizza from the oven quickly. It’s important to note that some of the older ships in the fleet offer pizza only.

Now that Alfredo’s is no longer a complimentary restaurant, you can expect it to be quieter, with less passengers choosing to dine here.

Between us, we’ve tried almost every dish at Alfredo’s Pizzeria and we haven’t found one we didn’t like. In particular our favourites are: the shrimp appetizer, veal pasta, pizza romano, pizza capricciosa and the Princess pizza.

If you love Italian food, I’d recommend checking out my post dedicated to Sabatini’s on Princess Cruises, which includes menu with photos and a review.


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