How to use Dine My Way on Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises has introduced Dine My Way, a flexible MedallionClass enhancement that enables you to tailor your dining experiences.

What is Dine My Way?

Dine My Way is the dining reservation service for Princess Cruises. Using OceanNow on the MedallionClass app, you can pre-book dining in any restaurant on board your cruise ship. You can use Dine My Way for reservations in the Main Dining Room or specialty restaurants such the Crown Grill.

Princess Cruises Crown Grill

How does Dine My Way work?

Dine My Way monitors the capacities in dining rooms and restaurants on board, manages wait times, and gives you the opportunity to customise your dining experience.

You can make dining reservations using the MedallionClass smartphone app or your stateroom TV. With the app you can make your reservations up to 60 days before your cruise. The MedallionClass app is free to download from Android and Apple app stores.

You can choose to reserve dining at the same time each day or a variety of times depending on your cruise itinerary. This should reduce waiting times that had previously been experienced by passengers who’d opted for Anytime Dining.

When making a dining reservation with Dine My Way, you will be able to:

  • Add additional friends or family members with whom you are travelling with (subject to Covid guidelines)
  • Choose your preferred pace of dining (relaxed or quick)
  • Indicate your desired seating location (near window, close to entrance, etc.) in the Ocean profile
  • Share dietary preferences and allergen information
  • Pick the same venue and dining time each night

The more information you provide, the more personalised your reservation. You may want to dine before a show in the Theatre and opt for a quick service, with a window view with members of your family.

Dine My Way on Princess Cruises

Things to consider when using Dine My Way

Availability will play a part in whether all of your preferences can be accommodated. For example, there will only be a certain number of tables next to a window at a particular time. To give you the widest range of options, advanced reservations are recommended.

One drawback of reserving your dining in advance will be the limited spontaneity that many people enjoy on a cruise. The Coronavirus pandemic has meant that this was always going to be the case when cruising restarted. By introducing Dine My Way, Princess Cruises can manage the number of passengers dining in each restaurant and identify quieter venues. It will initially help with minimising queues and interactions.

“We believe guests are going to love the control and customisation Dine My Way offers. Instead of restricting dining choices during the pandemic, we’ve been able to expand the options for our guests and thanks to the unique, innovative capabilities of the OceanMedallion, reduce wait times and eliminate the need to stand in line.”

Jan Swartz, Princess Cruises president

If you wait until you’re on board to book your dining, you will have the opportunity to see which restaurants are less busy. It’s likely that peak times will not be as easy to reserve. If you’re flexible and don’t mind when you eat, this is a good option.

It would be useful for Princess Cruises to announce when formal nights will take place in advance to help you plan your evenings.

Features of OceanNow

In addition to Dine My Way, OceanNow has an on demand menu that can be ordered and delivered to you, wherever you are on the ship. The menu has been expanded to include entrees and beverage options from restaurants throughout the ship.

Dine My Way is available within OceanNow

OceanNow allows you to order your favourite coffee, select steak sauce toppings and choose pizza condiments. This provides more customisation than ever before.

If you want a glass of champagne from a fresh bottle, you can even choose that!

OceanNow orders can be made using the MedallionClass app, stateroom TV, or with a crew member placing the order for you. Your order is sent to the closest crew member to fulfill and deliver it to you. If you decide to move location after placing your order, the OceanMedallion technology will ensure your food and drinks order still finds you.

Final thoughts on Dine My Way

The OceanMedallion technology has given Princess Cruises a head’s start in managing the safe return of cruising. I’m very impressed with the power to personalise dining preferences. I think there will be a greater need to plan dining ahead of a cruise using Dine My Way, especially when cruising resumes.

Being able to decide when and where I eat with minimal pre-planning has always been welcomed but Dine My Way may mean adapting to changes. The on demand menu is a positive enhancement and I’m confident the OceanNow feature will be a hit with cruisers.


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