Our Comprehensive Celebrity Edge Cabin Review

Are you trying to decide which cabin to book on Celebrity Edge? Worried that the Infinite Verandah isn’t for you? In this Celebrity Edge cabin review, we share our thoughts and experience of a Deluxe Porthole View Stateroom with Veranda.

We took a 7-night cruise on Celebrity Edge and opted for this style of balcony cabin. We were unsure about booking the Infinite Veranda after seeing mixed reviews.

What is a Deluxe Porthole View Stateroom with Veranda?

This cabin type offers a traditional balcony with a porthole view. This means that you can still enjoy stepping out on to a private balcony space that’s not part of your cabin (unlike the Infinite Verandah).

The circular view is where it gets its ‘porthole’ name. Don’t worry, it’s a good size and still offers a great view from inside your cabin or on the balcony itself.

This offers a beautifully framed view, especially at sunrise and sunset. We woke up one morning on our approach to Corsica, to see a beautiful sunrise through the porthole view.

On the balcony, there’s enough space for two chairs and a small table.  The biggest drawback to this verandah was that it was at the back of this ship (cabin 8304). We discovered after booking that this was where the window washing machine was kept for the duration of our cruise!

It did partially obstruct our view toward the aft but only when we looked right out and toward the back of the ship. It’s worth being aware of this if you are looking at a cabin in this section of the ship.

Celebrity Edge Cabin Review: Space and Storage

The Deluxe Porthole View Stateroom with Veranda offers a good amount of space for two people to enjoy comfortably.  On other cruise lines like Princess Cruises, this would be the same size as one of their mini-suites.

In terms of other storage spaces in this cabin, there is ample storage for two people.

There are plenty of drawers for clothing so you should not have an issue with storage in this type of cabin.

This cabin offers two wardrobe spaces. The first wardrobe has hanging space with a small set of drawers. This is where you will find the safe, which big enough for valuables up to the size of an iPad.

The second wardrobe offers longer hanging space for dresses.

Celebrity Edge cabin review storage

There is some shelving in the corner unit and this is also where the wifi hotspot is located.  Every cabin on Celebrity Edge has its own wifi hotspot and we never had any trouble accessing the wifi whilst we were onboard.

Next to the wardrobe is a chaise long that is a nice alternative place to sit instead of the bed but we did notice there were a few dirty marks on it.  As it was soon due to go into dry dock, we think that this small issue has probably now been rectified.

Beside the bed are some small shelving units that double as a beside table, there’s not much you can store here, just some essentials.

There’s ample space under the bed to store your suitcases.

What are the plug sockets on Celebrity Edge?

Celebrity Cruises has tried to make charging your devices easier for passengers. This is another thoughtful design we noticed in our cabin.

On the desk in each cabin is power box, which has been designed to keep all the wires tidy whilst charging your devices.  Inside is one European socket, two universal sockets and two USB points. 

Universal sockets are a good idea but being within the box, we found it difficult to fit our British plugs in so we couldn’t make use of all of the plugs at the same time.

We did like the use of universal plug sockets to make things easier for passengers travelling from a variety of countries.

On one side of the bed there is an additional two USB points and a US plug socket. On the other side of the bed is cabin’s the telephone.

Celebrity Edge cabin

Deluxe Porthole View Cabin Bathroom

We’re used to having pretty small bathrooms in our cruise cabins so this one was huge in comparison.  Both of us could use it without having to squeeze passed one another.  The bathroom has a huge wash basin and a generous sized shower with a screen.

Before the cruise, we’d heard that the shower didn’t drain well and would flood the bathroom but we didn’t experience this on our cruise.

Under the wash basin is a drawer where you’ll find the hairdryer and some additional shelving for your toiletries bag and towels.

You will also find the electrical point for electric razors here.

In the shower there’s complimentary toiletries and a useful corner foot rest that is particularly helpful when shaving your legs.  It’s a small thing but it’s the little touches that make the difference.

Celebrity Edge Cabin Review: Amenities

When we arrived in our Deluxe Porthole View Stateroom with Veranda Cabin there were complimentary bottles of water and snacks on the chest of drawers, which we thought was a nice touch.

This cabin has a full length mirror and a pull out desk. We thought is was thoughtfully designed to maximise space because you can push the desk in when you aren’t using it to make full use of the mirror and create more space.

In one of the corner cupboards, you’ll find the laundry bag with an order form. This is really handy if you need anything washed or pressed whilst onboard. You will also find a complimentary Celebrity Cruises tote bag that you can use during your vacation and take home with you at the end of the cruise.

There are bathrobes located in one of the wardrobes that are perfect to use whilst relaxing in your cabin.

The Deluxe Porthole View Stateroom with Veranda has an under counter fridge. Be aware that it is stocked with drinks that are not complimentary. We decided to ask our room attendant to remove them so we could store our own – this was no trouble at all.

Deluxe Porthole View Stateroom with Veranda on Celebrity Edge

Final thoughts on our Deluxe Porthole View Stateroom with Veranda Cabin on Celebrity Edge

Overall, we found this cabin to be spacious and there were some really lovely touches that made us feel like a lot of thought had been put into the design of this cabin on Celebrity Edge.

We would definitely consider booking this type of balcony in the future but would be mindful of the window washing equipment.

What did we think of our cruise on Celebrity Edge?


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