Useful Guide to Specialty Dining on Sky Princess

Sky Princess has 14 restaurants and food outlets on board, some are complimentary and others can be enjoyed for an additional fee. In this post I take a look at specialty dining on Sky Princess including the three main specialty restaurants: Crown Grill, Sabatini’s Trattoria and Bistro Sur La Mer.

What specialty dining restaurants are on Sky Princess?

The three specialty dining restaurants on Sky Princess are:

  • Crown Grill, deck 7
  • Sabatini’s Trattoria, deck 5
  • Bistro Sur La Mer, deck 7

At these restaurants there is a set charge to dine, e.g. Crown Grill $29

There are also other options on Sky Princess that offer al a carte menus:

  • Ocean Terrace Sushi, deck 7
  • Gelato, deck 5

How much is specialty dining on Sky Princess?

As I mentioned, some restaurants have a set fee and others are al la carte.

Crown Grill$29
Sabatini’s Trattoria$25
Bistro Sur La Mer$29

Ocean Terrace Sushi offers rolls, sushi and sashimi from $3.25 to $11.50 and a 4-course Chef’s Special for $18. 

The Gelato Bar offers sundaes or gelato by the scoop but be aware, free ice cream is available at Swirls Ice Cream Bar on the Lido Deck.

Crown Grill

The Crown Grill is Princess Cruises’ steakhouse situated on Deck 7.

Crown Grill Menu and Review

The cover charge of $29 per person includes an appetizer, salad or soup, one main and dessert. Side dishes are included and additional main courses can be added for $10 each. 

Crown Grill’s Surf and Turf is an additional $10 per serving.

The Crown Grill is open 6pm to 11pm and bookings can be made via Dine My Way.

Recommended dishes: scallops (appetizer), black and blue onion soup, filet mignon, lobster

crown grill appetiser specialty dining on sky princess
Scallops appetiser in the Crown Grill

Sabatini’s Trattoria

Sabatini’s Trattoria is an Italian restaurant situated on Deck 5.

Sabatini’s Trattoria Menu and Review

The cover charge of $25 per person includes 5 courses:

  • Antipasti
  • Soup and salads
  • Fresh pasta
  • Secondi piatti
  • Dessert

Additional pasta and main course dishes can be added for $10 each. 

Sabatini’s is open daily 5.30 to 9.30pm and reservations can be made via Dine My Way.

Recommended dishes: calamari, beef pappardelle, linguine carbonara, Mediterranean seafood parcel and the Chocolate Journeys Rocher.

Bistro Sur La Mer

Bistro Sur La Mer is Princess Cruises’ newest specialty dining restaurant situated on Deck 7. It offers a French-inspired menu offering into ‘la mer’ and ‘la terre’ menu options.

Bistro Sur La Mer Menu and Review

The cover charge of $29 per person includes a welcome plate, appetiser, main course and dessert.

Bistro Sur La Mer is every evening and reservations can be made via Dine My Way.

Recommended dishes: lobster bisque, scallops, filet mignon, duck breast, floating meringue and rum baba.

Other Specialty Dining on Sky Princess

There are two additional specialty dining options that you can enjoy on Sky Princess: Chef’s Table Lumiere and the Ultimate Balcony Dining experience.

Chef’s Table Lumiere

The Chef’s Table Lumiere is a luxury specialty dining experience held in the Estrella Dining Room. There is only one table that seats 12 so if you want to have a chance to dine here, you need to put your names down at Guest Services for the chance. I’d recommend doing this as soon as you get onboard on embarkation day.

The table is surrounded by a curtain of glass beads that adds a touch of seclusion and exclusivity.

Chef's Table Lumiere on Sky Princess
Chef’s Table Lumiere on Sky Princess, photo credit: Princess Cruises

Diners have the opportunity to meet the Head Chef in the galley and see the dishes being prepared, whilst enjoying a selection of hors d’oeuvre.

The meal consists of four courses all with accompanying wine pairings selected by the sommelier. After-dinner coffee is served with petit fours.

I’d recommend taking a look at the Chef’s Table Lumiere experience.

This specialty dining option is the most expensive at $115 on Sky Princess but is sure to appeal to cruisers who enjoy good food or who are celebrating a special occasion.

Ultimate Balcony Dining

For those with a balcony of any category on Sky Princess, the Ultimate Balcony Dining experience can be enjoyed from the comfort of your cabin.

Breakfast or dinner can be booked before your cruise using Dine My Way or when you get onboard via room service.

Sky Suite view

Breakfast is a more casual affair but you can still enjoy a little luxury with Champagne, fresh fruit, pastries, smoked salmon and quiche to start your day, whilst enjoying the sea views.

The dinner option includes your balcony table being set with a fresh flowers and a flameless candle to enhance the romantic mood.

A four course meal is served by a dedicated waiter who will leave you during courses to enjoy your food before returning to serve the next. Champagne, cocktails and wine can be served with your meal.

Dinner is $50 per person ($100 per couple) and breakfast is $45 for two people.

Final Thoughts about Specialty Dining on Sky Princess

It’s obvious that you will never go hungry on Sky Princess, with so many restaurants and food outlets to choose from. You needn’t spend a fortune on specialty dining but it’s nice to have the options to book something special for one or two nights of your cruise.

The three main specialty dining restaurants offer a choice of different cuisines and all are below $30 per person.

Sabatini’s Trattoria and the Crown Grill in particular offer exceptional value for the meals included in their cover charges.

Chef’s Table Lumiere and the Ultimate Balcony Dining experiences both offer more intimate dining and are a popular choice with those looking for luxury service and a personal touch to dining.

If you are interested in learning more about specialty dining on Regal Princess, I’d recommend reading about Cruising For All’s recent experience.


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