MedallionNet: Princess Cruises Expands WiFi

Princess Cruises has announced that it will be updating its high-speed onboard WiFi, now called MedallionNet. By the end of 2019, high-speed WiFi was available on ten of its ships (more than half the line’s fleet).

This is excellent news for cruisers who need reliable and fast WiFi on their mobile devices. Many people like to switch off from technology whilst on a cruise but sometimes a fast, reliable connection is needed to stay in touch with family or check in at work (heaven forbid!).

MedallionNet Princess Cruises wifi

What is MedallionNet on Princess Cruises?

MedallionNet is the new, high-speed internet that is being introduced across the fleet of Princess Cruises cruise ships. This will allow passengers to stream music, movies, TV programmes and sport as well as access social media platforms. MedallionNet can support Facetime so that you can stay in touch with people at home even on a sea day.

Princess Cruises has announced that MedallionNet is the Best Wi-Fi at Sea.

Which Ships have MedallionNet?

MedallionNet is currently available on the following cruise ships:

  • Caribbean Princess
  • Regal Princess
  • Royal Princess
  • Ruby Princess
  • Coral Princess
  • Island Princess
  • Crown Princess
  • Emerald Princess
  • Sky Princess
  • Golden Princess

News about when the remaining ships in the fleet will get MedallionNet is set to be announced at a later date.

Crown Princess cruise ship
The Crown Princess, photo credit: Princess Cruises

“Guests now have the option to stay connected whenever and wherever they are. MedallionNet gives them the option to stream, video chat and connect as much or as little as they’d like.”

Tony Roberts, Princess Cruises

How Much Does MedallionNet Cost?

The standard price for one device is $9.99 per day or $14.99 for up to four devices. The best way to save money on MedallionNet is by paying for it in advance on the Cruise Personaliser. You can pre-purchase MedallionNet up until three days before your cruise. Be aware that it will be more expensive if you choose to purchase MedallionNet once you get onboard your cruise.

The new Princess Plus package incorporates unlimited WiFi, premium drinks and gratuities for just £35 per person.

New Ships Getting OceanMedallion

Princess has also announced when the following ships will be fully Ocean Medallion-activated:

  • Royal Princess on April 13
  • Crown Princess on July 24
  • Sky Princess, when it launches on October 20
OceanMedallion Princess Cruises
OceanMedallion can be used to open your stateroom door

The Medallion is the same size as a 10p piece. It’s fully-automated and has no visible technology such as an on-off switch or charging function.

What does the OceanMedallion do?

The OceanMedallion offers a number of guest benefits including:

  • A streamlined embarkation and disembarkation process. Guests can get on and off the ship more easily
  • Keyless stateroom access meaning guests no longer need a keycard
  • Enhanced and personalised service from crew members. Crew can see guest’s individual food and drink preferences, loyalty level and other information to offer a more personal interaction
  • OceanNow allows guests to order food and drink from their mobile phone or smart device wherever they are on the ship. The OceanMedallion tells crew exactly where they are located
  • OceanCompass, which works alongside the Ocean Medallion to allow people to easily locate friends, family and their children. It also helps passengers to find their way to a variety of facilities and venues
  • Easy payment for drinks, shore excursions and other onboard services
  • JourneyView offers guests an interactive timeline to view their real-time itinerary as well as events and activities taking place on their cruise
  • Interactive games that can be played on portals around the ship and the top deck ‘Movies Under The Stars’ screen. This includes trivia challenges and a ship-wide digital scavenger hunt!
OceanMedallion on Princess Cruises

For more information or to book visit Princess Cruises, speak to your local travel agent or call 0344 338 8663. 

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