All Princess Cruises Ships by Size and Age

Princess Cruises currently has 14 cruise ships, with more being built in the next few years. This post includes a list of Princess Cruises ships by size and by year built. This is a handy guide to help you decide which Princess ship is best for you.

List of Princess Cruises ships by size

The smallest ship in the Princess Cruises fleet is Coral Princess in terms of number of passengers and gross tonnage but Sapphire and Diamond Princess have the least amount of decks and are shorter in length. It’s important to consider Coral Princess offers a good space to passenger ratio.

Cruise ShipPassengersLengthGross TonnageNumber of Decks
Coral Princess2,000294m91,62716
Island Princess2,200294m92,82216
Grand Princess2,600289.86m107,51717
Diamond Princess2,670290.2m115,87513
Sapphire Princess2,670290m115,87513
Crown Princess3,080290m113,56119
Emerald Princess3,080290m113,56119
Ruby Princess3,080290m113,56119
Caribbean Princess3,140289.9m112,89419
Royal Princess3,560330m142,71419
Regal Princess3,560330m142,71419
Majestic Princess3,560330m144,21619
Enchanted Princess*3,660330m144,65019
Sky Princess3,660330m145,28119
Discovery Princess*3,660TBC144,65019
*these ships have not yet entered service

Which is the largest Princess Cruises ship?

The Royal-class ships are all similar in size but Sky Princess has the largest gross tonnage and therefore overall, Sky Princess is the largest ship in the fleet.

Royal-class ships are the largest in the Princess Cruises fleet

List of Princess Cruises ships by age

The table below lists all Princess Cruises ships from oldest to youngest. It’s also useful to note when these ships were last refurbished. Some of the oldest ships have had the most recent ship refits so things like beds, carpets and venues will have had a refresh and update.

Since 2020, all Princess cruise ships will return to service with MedallionNet superfast internet and OceanMedallion technology.

Cruise ShipClassYear BuiltLast Refurbished
Grand PrincessGrand1998March 2019
Coral PrincessCoral2002January 2019
Caribbean PrincessGrand2003May 2019
Island PrincessCoral2003December 2017
Diamond PrincessGem2004February 2019
Sapphire PrincessGem2004March 2018
Crown PrincessCrown2006April 2018
Emerald PrincessCrown2007April 2019
Ruby PrincessCrown2008October 2018
Royal PrincessRoyal2013December 2018
Regal PrincessRoyal2014April 2017
Majestic PrincessRoyal2017
Sky PrincessRoyal 2019
Enchanted PrincessRoyal2020
Discovery PrincessRoyal2022
Sun Princess*New LNG class2024
Star Princess*New LNG class2025
*these ships are yet to enter service

Which is the newest Princess Cruises ship?

Discovery Princess, launched in 2022, is the final Royal-class ship and will spend its summer seasons in Alaska. The next two ships planned for 2024 and 2025 will be the first of a new class.

Which is the oldest Princess Cruises ship?

Grand Princess is the oldest cruise ship in the Princess fleet but was last refurbished in 2019. The ship continues to offer cruises to Hawaii, which I thoroughly enjoyed in 2015. Check out my Hawaii cruise videos to see if it’s a cruise you would like to do.

Grand Princess
Grand Princess

Which Princess Cruises ship is the best?

This is very subjective, depending on what you enjoy. If you don’t want to cruise on a large ship, I would recommend booking on Grand or Coral-class ships but be aware that these are some of the oldest in the fleet. One benefit of these ships is that the public areas and balconies are likely to be bigger than the newer ships.

Royal-class ships are the newest to enter the Princess fleet but are also the largest cruise ships. These ships have grand piazzas (atriums) with more venues and restaurants.

The destinations you want to visit on your cruise will also determine which ships you have to choose from. You can expect the newer, larger Princess Cruises ships to be deployed to the most popular cruise destinations: the Caribbean, Alaska and Europe.

Smaller, older ships will be deployed to more interesting itineraries (in my opinion) such as Hawaii, Panama Canal and world cruise segments.



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