Princess Cruises Sky Suite Detailed Review and Tour

If you’re looking for the ultimate hideaway and impeccable service on a Princess cruise, you can’t go far wrong by booking a Sky Suite. We cruised on Sky Princess and had the pleasure of staying in one of two Sky Suites on board. In this post, I share my thoughts about the Princess Cruises Sky Suite, including a photo and video tour of the suite.

This is the most detailed first-hand experience of a Sky Suite you will find online.

Please note: we booked a cruise on Sky Princess for its inaugural UK Seacation and were upgraded to a Sky Suite on arrival to the cruise terminal. Rest assured, this is an honest review and Princess Cruises had no control over this content.

Princess Cruises Sky Suite at a Glance

A Sky Suite offers approximately 1,873 sq. ft. of private space and features the largest continuous balcony on any cruise ship in the world (correct as of 2021).

The Princess Cruises Sky Suite has two bedrooms complete with dressing rooms and en-suite bathrooms, a dining and living room area. It is the Princess Cruises’ equivalent of a penthouse apartment.

One of the biggest appeals of this suite is the balcony. It offers 270 degree views with Movies Under the Stars on one side, private access to the adult-only Retreat area at the opposite end and unobstructed sea views in the middle.

Pincess Cruises Sky Suite floor plan

A Sky Suite has a number of exclusive perks that give you a taste of VIP treatment from the moment you arrive. I will discuss this in more detail in the Sky Suite Perks section of this review.

Which Princess Ships have Sky Suites?

Sky Suites can be found on the following Princess Cruises ships:

  • Sky Princess
  • Enchanted Princess
  • Discovery Princess

There are only two Sky Suites on each cruise ship, located on Deck 18. Port side S309 and starboard side S310 are almost identical but S310 has a slightly bigger balcony (1,012 sq. ft. compared to 947 sq. ft in S309).

Sky Princess cruise ship

How Much is a Sky Suite on Sky Princess?

The price for a Sky Suite on Sky Princess varies per cruise but is approximately $1,000 per person, per night.

Princess Cruises Sky Suite Tour

Here’s an in-depth tour of our Sky Suite on Sky Princess, including details of each area of the suite.

Sky Suite Living Room and Dining Area

The first area you arrive in when you enter the Sky Suite, is the dining and living room area. For me, it’s the little touches that make this space feel luxurious like the tiled floor, the soft throw blanket on the settee and the glass lamp.

Princess Cruises Sky Suite dining area
Sky Suite living area

The two areas are separated with a room divider but still feel connected and this makes it a very usable, social space.

There is a good use of natural light, with a sky light over the dining table (quite a unique feature on a cruise ship). There’s also a large window with a sliding door leading to the balcony from the living space.

In the dining area is a mini-bar set-up, complete with glasses and drinks that are replenished daily. The Nespresso coffee machine is one of only three onboard (Only Sky Suites and the Captain have one).

Princess Cruises Sky Suite bar
Premium Champagne on arrival

On arrival, we discovered a selection of canapes, chocolate-covered strawberries, Champagne and a fruit bowl. Unfortunately, the fruit bowl had disappeared by the next day before we could enjoy it – can’t say the same about the Champagne!

There is a kettle with a small selection of sugar, UHT milk and tea for those who prefer it to coffee. To be honest, some mornings we ordered tea and coffee via the MedallionClass app to be delivered to the suite to avoid using the UHT milk.

There are miniature bottles of spirits such as vodka, gin and whiskey along with water, soft drinks and beer in the under-counter fridge. We dipped into these drinks throughout the cruise and it was particularly handy to have a bottle of water for my bedside at night.

Sky Suite fridge set-up mini-bar
Suite fridge, replenished daily

In the living area, the seating is comfortably enough for four people and we used one of the dining chairs for when we had guests. The settee converts into an extra bed but with two bedrooms it would only be required if five or six people were staying in the Sky Suite.

Princess Cruises Sky Suite sofa
Bed settee in lounge area

There is a wall-mounted TV in the living area that has a wide selection of on-demand films and shows. We used it to watch our muster drill safety protocols video. This was a refreshing change in the comfort of the Sky Suite but we didn’t use it at any other time during our four-night cruise.

Princess Cruises TV
Muster safety protocols can be completed on the TV

The Sky Suites’ muster station is the Ocean Terrace Sushi Bar on Deck 7 of the Piazza. Once you’ve watched the safety protocols video, you just need to make your way to the muster station to scan your OceanMedallion.

Below the TV is a useful sideboard table with a portable Bose speaker. Surprisingly, we did actually use it to play music whilst we were getting ready and when we had guests over for drinks.

I can see how the speaker could be used on the balcony too. Generally, I’m not a fan of portable speakers being used on a cruise as I don’t want to hear other passengers’ music choices but as the Sky Suites are not adjacent to other balconies you can enjoy it without feeling like a nuisance. In fact, the Sky Suite is completely separate from any other guest cabins, including the other Sky Suite on board.

One of my favourite features of the Princess Cruises Sky Suite is the access to the balcony. The suite really draws you outside and makes the most of the views in every direction.

Princess Cruises Sky Suite Master Bedroom

Sky Suite master bedroom
Master bedroom

It was interesting to discover that both bedrooms in the Sky Suite are not identical. There are many of the same features in both but the main differences were in the dressing areas and bathrooms.

Despite being close to the Lido Deck, there was minimal noise in the bedroom during the day and certainly not at night.

The master bedroom benefits from duel-aspect windows, with sliding doors to the balcony at the end of the bed, which provides wonderful sea views to wake up to. We enjoyed opening the curtains and admiring the view from our bed.

The other window looks out towards the Lido Deck but rest assured, voile curtains maintain your privacy throughout the day.

The master bedroom TV is situated in the corner so the window view from the bed is unobstructed.

view from the Sky Suite master bedroom
view from the bed, docked in Southampton

The Princess Luxury Bed and pillows are so soft and comfortable and I wholeheartedly agree with it’s ‘Best Bed at Sea’ accolade from Cruise Critic. I always have a fantastic night’s sleep on a Princess cruise. Even better once I’d switched the pillows to feather (there is a combination of feather and hypoallergenic pillows that is made up as standard).

I do envy those living in the US who have the opportunity to purchase the Princess Luxury Bed and pillows. Princess Cruises has taken advice from sleep expert, Dr Michael Breus, to develop a bed that promotes a good night’s sleep so you feel relaxed and refreshed in the morning.

There are bedside tables on both sides with generous drawer space and multiple sockets. There’s a USB socket in the bedside lamp that I made good use of and our housekeeping steward kindly left us plug adapters so that we could use any socket.

Princess Cruises sockets
Bedside plug sockets

Master Dressing Room

The dressing room area is located behind the master bedroom and offers an excellent amount of storage for clothes and shoes. In reality, the wardrobe space is around the same as the generous hanging space offered in other cabins but the layout offers more maneuverability! In addition to three wardrobes is a full length cupboard of shelves.

One thing to note is that there is a full length window in this area that looks out towards the Lido Deck so make sure the curtains are closed if you’re dressing! There were a couple of times I realized this whilst changing. I could see people on the Lido Deck and I’m sure they couldn’t see me but it was a bit of a shock.

Within the full length cupboard is a laundry bag (complimentary), a sewing kit and shoe shine kit.

The dressing table has an illuminated mirror that makes hair and make up easy as well as a full length mirror with ample space to step backwards. A Dyson hairdryer is a luxury upgrade to the typical hairdryer found in standard suites.

Master bedroom dressing room area Sky Suite
Master bedroom dressing room area

The suite comes complete with umbrellas, towels, soft robes and spa slippers. The robes and slippers are ‘one size fits all’, which made me look like Baby Yoda when I tried a robe on! I didn’t have to worry about wearing this to the spa as toweled robes are provided in The Enclave to avoid the embarrassing shuffle to the spa.

Master Bathroom

The master bedroom’s en-suite bathroom has a full bath, sizable shower, wash basin and separate toilet with wash basin.

The toiletries have a incredible smell of bergamot that I’ve been trying to find for home. There is a shower cap, sleep mask, sleep pillow mist and nail file all found in the master bathroom.

Princess Cruises toiletries
Bergamot toiletries

The separate toilet is a thoughtful design that offers a couple access to two sinks and enables both to get ready together.

One thing that we both noticed was that having the best suite on the ship does not give you any better toilet roll! In reality, this is for practical reasons due to the ship’s waste system.

Sky Suite toilet
Master bathroom

Second Bedroom

The second bedroom in the Sky Suite is located away from the Lido Deck and has a sliding door for direct access to the balcony.

This bedroom also has a Princess Luxury bed that can be configured as a queen or two single beds. The layout of the room is slightly different, with the bed adjacent to the window rather than facing it. You won’t get views at the end of the bed but you still have access to the balcony just the same.

Sky Suite bedroom
Sky Suite second bedroom

This bedroom actually has a larger TV than the master bedroom so it’s great if you want to have a chill out and watch a film or the daily onboard Wake Show.

Hats off to Princess for providing plenty of plug sockets next to the bed as well as a USB socket in the lamp.

lamp with USB
USB point in the lamps

The dressing room area for the second bedroom is smaller than the master bedroom but has the same amount of wardrobe space, with blankets, towels and robes for guests. The desk and mirror is tucked away around the corner but I believe that this is a plus point as it’s a quiet spot to get ready in the evenings.

Sky Suite second bedroom dressing area
Second bedroom the dressing area

The second en-suite bathroom is a standard bathroom you’d find in any other cabin, with a toilet, wash basin and shower cubicle all in one space. Having used this style of bathroom on every other Princess cruise before, this is perfectly usable. It may just need a little bit of coordination if two people are planning to get ready at the same time.

A door connecting the second dressing area/bathroom with the dining space allows quick access to this bathroom. It’s especially handy if you have friends over to visit.

Princess Cruises’ Biggest Balcony at Sea

The Sky Suite boasts the biggest balcony at sea, and to be honest, I quite quickly saw this as an outside space as apposed to a balcony because of its sheer size.

The Sky Suite balcony wraps around three sides of the suite and offers versatile areas to enjoy throughout the day.

One of my favourite areas is the section tucked away behind the second bedroom because it offers a quiet spot that could be used as your own private Sanctuary. So much so that you can order the food and drink offered by The Sanctuary, direct to your Sky Suite. You can do this by contacting your dedicated Suite Manager to order your lunch.

sky suite quiet area
Sanctuary area of Sky Suite balcony

Another cool feature of this area is the private door that enables you to directly access the Retreat area. The Retreat is an adult-only area with a pool and two hot tubs so you can simply walk out of your door and be in a hot tub within 15 seconds! This also guarantees that this section of the balcony is quiet.

There is an option to watch a film outside in this area as there is a wall mounted TV. Just ask your suite attendant to open the control cupboard to access this.

Finally for this area, I really like the addition of a rotating clam shell day bed. This gives you the option to face towards the sea and enjoy the view.

clam shell day bed
Rotating clam shell day bed

The balcony section that runs the full length of the Sky Suite has two sets of table and chairs, making it a comfortable spot to enjoy a coffee in the mornings or a nightcap. Nothing beats an ocean view.

Sky Suite balcony

The Sky Suite balcony comes furnished with a Discovery Channel telescope. It can be used to spot wildlife, passing ships and even for stargazing. We didn’t think we’d get much use out of the telescope, but we did, as there were plenty of ships and birds to see on our seacation.

Discovery Channel telescope
Discovery Channel telescope

The balcony area towards the Lido Deck has an outdoor dining table that is ideal for an Ultimate Balcony Dining or Breakfast experience, both are complimentary for Sky Suite guests and are worth doing. You could even order food to your suite via the MedallionClass app to enjoy alfresco.

One of the only things we thought was missing from the Sky Suite was a way for the crew to let us know that they were outside our suite, especially when we were on the balcony (perhaps an alert on the MedallionClass app?). I’m confident that there will be a solution to alleviate this minor issue in the near future.

Sky Suite balcony
Outdoor dining on a Sky Suite balcony

The balcony that runs adjacent to the Lido Deck gives you a good vantage point for people watching, and of course, Movies Under the Stars. Sky Suite guests can actually choose a film to be screened on the big screen, which is kind of fun if you have a favourite film you’d like to watch.

The balcony area directly opposite the Movies Under the Stars screen has a high table and chairs and two sun loungers, complete with pillows, blankets and a little table for drinks and snacks. The view of the Movies Under the Stars screen is not obstructed by the balcony railings so this is your own private viewing area.

Sky Suite balcony
View from the Sky Suite balcony
View from the Sky Suite balcony

This section of the balcony is accessed by a security-coded door because it has external access that you control from the balcony side. This is thoughtfully designed so that you can invite friends to enjoy your balcony, without them walking through the suite. It’s a nice idea that encourages the possibility of entertaining. We did use this once during our cruise and it worked well.

The security door is controlled by an access code that you receive when you arrive in your Sky Suite. This can also be used to get back into the rear area of the balcony from the Retreat.

Princess Cruises Sky Suite Perks

A Sky Suite comes with a number of perks to elevate your cruise experience. These are in addition to the standard suite benefits. I have always found the service on Princess Cruises to be impeccable but there are a few extra touches that guests in a Sky Suite benefit from.

Princess Cruises Sky Suite Manager

The Suite Manager oversees all suites onboard but is personally responsible for looking after guests staying in the two Sky Suites. Josue was incredibly helpful during our stay and nothing ever seemed to be a problem. He was there if we needed him, to make some suggestions of things we might like to do, but in the same tone left us to enjoy the suite and ship at our own pace.

Josue reminded me of the well-known swan metaphor: always looking calm and at ease despite the work that’s going on below the surface, a true sign of expertise and excellence.

(Being nosy) we asked Josue if Sky Suite guests were generally more demanding than others. He told us that typically, the people who stay in Sky Suites are looking to relax and enjoy a vacation with plenty of privacy and space. It’s popular with families of all ages wanting to spend special times of the year together, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Sky Suite Manager, Josue

Unlimited Access to The Enclave Spa Facilities

As a Sky Suite guest, you have access to The Enclave throughout the day, without the need to book. The Enclave has a pool, warm stone beds, aromatherapy showers and a choice of saunas and steam rooms.

The Enclave is conveniently situated below the Sky Suites – just take the elevator on the Sky Deck (18) to Deck 5 and you are at the spa reception.

Reserved Princess Theater Seating

Your Suite Manager can reserve the best seats in the Theater so that you don’t have to worry about getting to the Princess Theater early. This leaves you more time to enjoy dinner or drinks before heading to the Theater just before the show starts.

We took advantage of this a couple of times on our cruise for performances we didn’t want to miss, including Rock Opera.

Reserved seating in the Princess Theater

Complimentary Fine Wine Tasting

You can take advantage of a private fine wine tasting event, either in Vines or in the privacy of the Sky Suite. There is a wine expert on hand to guide you through the wines and a selection of canapes and nibbles to enjoy alongside.

wine tasting
Vines Wine Bar

Private Shopping Concierge

Your Suite Manager is available to assist with shopping onboard or in port. If you have gifts to buy, they can help to recommend the best options and choose just the right thing.

The shops on Sky Princess
The shops on Sky Princess

Seamless Curb to Ship Experience

The Suite Manager will be there to greet you at the cruise terminal and take care of your luggage. The whole process is as frictionless as it can be. The elevator is blocked for your personal use to ensure that you get to the Sky Suite without stopping on other decks.

As we were disembarking, Josue, the Suite Manager collected us and our luggage with a luggage trolley (no need to leave your luggage outside the night before). This made this painful process of leaving the cruise a little easier. You can agree your departure time to suit your ongoing travels without having to struggle with your own luggage.

Choose the Movies Under the Stars film

As a Sky Suite guest, you have the privilege of picking a film to be screened on the Movies Under the Stars screen. You can watch your film of choice from the private balcony area situated directly opposite the screen.

Reserved Princess Cays Private Bungalow

On cruises visiting Princess Cays, Sky Suite guests can reserve a bungalow to use throughout their time in the private resort. Despite not experiencing this on our cruise, we have previously enjoyed one of the Princess Cays bungalows in the adult-only Sanctuary area.

Princess Cays
Princess Cays private bungalow
Princess Cays bungalow

This offers guests peace and relaxation in parallel with the Sky Suite, with waiter service, sun loungers, indoor seating and a fridge.

Complimentary Ultimate Balcony Breakfast and Dinner

Breakfast and dinner can be served in the privacy of the Sky Suite balcony so you can enjoy an intimate dinner, with only the ocean views to distract you. With the biggest balcony at sea, it would be a shame not to make the most of it.

Unfortunately, the weather along with pre-organised specialty dining plans left us no time to take advantage of this perk but we did enjoy breakfast in the comfort of our dining area.

This option is available to all passengers with a balcony. Breakfast for two costs $45 and dinner is $100, whereas this luxury room service experience is complimentary for Sky Suite guests.

Princess Cruises Sky Suite OceanMedallion

There is one thing that was not mentioned in anything we’d read about the Sky Suites before our cruise and that is the white OceanMedallion ‘effect’. We experienced this firsthand during our cruise on Sky Princess and I will try and explain it here.

Guests who are staying in a Sky Suite receive a white OceanMedallion, which subtly identifies them to the crew. Even if you don’t wear it prominently, once a crew member scans your OceanMedallion when you order a drink, enter a dining room or walk towards a venue, they are informed that you are a Sky Suite guest.

white oceanmedallion sky suite
The white OceanMedallion only available to Sky Suite guests

Nothing is too much trouble, you are given a good table in the restaurant, your drink comes quickly and service is attentive. You don’t have to wait for a table in any of the restaurants, there is always one ready for you.

It’s difficult to imagine that service on a Princess ship could be made any better, but it is, in a quietly efficient way. We aren’t pretentious people and found the whole experience quite a novelty throughout the cruise.

It means that the luxury of the Sky Suite extends beyond the confines of the suite itself. You are treated like a VIP guest without drawing attention.

Overall Thoughts about the Sky Suite

The Sky Suite is the ultimate choice of suite for those cruising on Sky, Enchanted or Discovery Princess. As there are only two of these suites on board, there is an element of exclusivity that goes beyond the confines of the suite thanks to the white OceanMedallion ‘effect’ and a range of Sky Suite perks.

The Sky Suite is designed to offer plenty of privacy for family and friends to spend time, relax and enjoy a vacation together. It would be perfect for a couple getting married on board, a honeymoon or to celebrate a special occasion.

The dining and living room areas are social spaces that have everything you need, to entertain, eat and drink. The subtle touches make the space feel luxurious without the obvious calling cards that top suites on other cruise lines boast. It doesn’t need an indoor slide or a baby-grand piano; the Sky Suite offers contemporary, understated luxury.

The suite encourages you to use the outdoor space with three points of access to the balcony from the living room and both bedrooms. It’s so big that you’ll see it as a private deck space rather than a balcony. Wrapping around three sides of the Sky Suite and offering 270 degree views, there are various spots to enjoy at different times of the day. You can feel part of the lively Lido Deck or retreat to your own private Sanctuary.

I feel that the Sky Suite and its dedicated Suite Manager takes a lot of the friction out of cruising. No need to get to the Princess Theater early for a seat, no need to make dinner reservations or book the spa facilities. It’s all taken care of for you.

On this Sky Princess cruise we were treated to an upgrade but we have agreed that we don’t want it to be the one and only time stay in a Sky Suite. Now that we’ve experienced all of its tangible and intangible benefits, we appreciate its value. I’ve already started my Sky Suite savings fund!


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