Best crepes in Grand Cayman

What better way to celebrate ‘Pancake Day’ on Shrove Tuesday, than to tell you about the delicious crepes I had on my recent visit to Grand Cayman.

Crepes, better known to us in England as pancakes, are a traditional treat eaten on Shrove Tuesday.  You can choose to eat them with a variety of sweet toppings such as Nutella, strawberries, whipped cream, peanut butter or bananas but I prefer the plain and simple: sugar and lemon.  You can also have savoury fillings… but that’s just wrong!

During my recent cruise to the Carribean, we visited Georgetown, Grand Cayman and with a little time to spare before our shore excursion (Stingray City) we wondered across the road from the tender on the South Cruise Terminal in search of coffee and came across the aptly named Cayman Creperie.

After perusing the menu I ordered a crepe with butter, sugar and lemon with a cappuccino and I was pleasantly surprised at the beautifully presented pancake that was delivered to our outside table overlooking the port.


The Cayman Creperie is ideally situated overlooking the South Cruise Terminal at the front of the Bayshore Mall.  They use locally sourced ingredients and serve Illy coffee, I cannot recommend this place enough for a relaxed start to your day on shore in Grand Cayman, watching the cruise passengers getting on and off the tenders.

Happy Pancake Day!


Princess Cruises’ drinks packages

Cruises now offer an array of drinks packages, but which is the right one for you?  Do you need one?  Read on to learn about the different options available from Princess Cruises and how to decide which package is the best option for you.

Princess, like many of the other cruise lines offer a selection of drinks packages to cater for different needs.  There are three packages currently available:

  • All-inclusive
  • Unlimited Soda and More
  • Cafe Select

All-inclusive: Unlimited drinks including cocktails, wine, beer, sodas, lattes, cappuccinos, bottled water and more.  This is limited to drinks up to $10 each but not bottles of wine so if you like your wine, just order it by the glass.  This package is $56.35 per person, per day.


Unlimited Soda and More: Unlimited fountain soft drinks, mocktails, juices, and complimentary hot chocolate.  Ideal if your unlikely to drink very much during your cruise.  Alcoholic beverages can be purchased individually and will be added to your onboard account.  This package is $8.05 per person, per day.

Café Select: You can purchase a Café Select Coffee Card, which entitles you to 15 espresso-based specialty coffees for $35.65.  You just present this card which will be stamped every time you redeem a coffee so depending on your caffeine requirements, you can make one card last you the whole trip.

Before my first cruise with Princess, I spent some time thinking about whether I needed to fork out for the drinks package as it did seem like a lot of money to spend on booze.  I like to have a drink on holiday but usually only in the evenings.  I decided to do a few calculations and came to the conclusion that the All-inclusive Package was actually worth getting as by the time I’d had a few cocktails and glasses of wine each day as well as coffee, I was up the daily package price.

The beauty of the All-inclusive Package is that once you’ve got it, you don’t have to worry about the bar bill at the end of the holiday.  If you fancy an extra Margarita, you don’t have to think about the cost, you can just sit back knowing that it’s already paid for.  You can grab a coffee from the International Cafe in the morning, sip cocktails by the pool in the afternoon and enjoy wine with your dinner without that nagging feeling of ‘should I have another?’Needless to say, I’ve already purchased the All-inclusive Package for my next cruise.




Further information about the drinks packages from Princess Cruises can be found here









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