High Ropes Course on P&O Arvia: Everything you need to know

Altitude Skywalk is the high ropes course on P&O Arvia and is the first of its kind for P&O Cruises.

If you are seeking adventure and want to challenge yourself, the Altitude Skywalk definitely delivers.

This high ropes course takes you 54 metres above the ocean through a series of rope walks. You’ll need a head for heights but it definitely gets your adrenaline pumping.

Read on to find out more about the Altitude Skywalk on P&O Arvia.

altitude skywalk high ropes course on P&O Arvia

What is the Altitude Skywalk on P&O Arvia?

Altitude Skywalk is a high ropes course that is a fun activity on Arvia. The course takes you 54 metres above the ocean and is made up of 10 rope walks for you to complete.

high ropes course on P&O Arvia 10 rope walks
There are 10 sections to the Altitude Skywalk

There are easy and difficult versions of each of the rope walks so it suits all abilities.

The one things everyone will need to do the Altitude Skywalk is a bit of bravery!

Who can do the high ropes course on P&O Arvia?

The high ropes course on P&O Arvia is available to anyone aged six years and older who meets the minimum hight restriction of 140cm.

There is a maximum weight restriction of 120kg/18st 12lb.

Altitude Skywalk height restriction is 140cm or more
Measuring up to the height restrictions!

You do require a certain level of fitness to climb up to the first rope walk. This is a vertical rope tunnel with rope platforms.

You also need to be able to master the safety clip system before being allowed on to the high ropes course. Staff will do a full safety briefing and teach you how to use the safety clip system before you’re let loose on the course.

The clip system means that you must be clipped on with at least one safety line at all times.

Ready to do the high ropes course on Arvia after the safety briefing

How much is the high ropes course on P&O Arvia?

When it was first introduced on P&O Arvia, Altitude Skywalk was included in the cruise fare but a small fee has now been introduced.

Adult: £7.50

Child: £2.50

Do you need to book Altitude Skywalk in advance?

You should definitely book Altitude Skywalk in advance to avoid disappointment. The high ropes course is weather-dependant, so it’s a good idea to book it for the first half of your cruise so you have the option of re-scheduling if your slot gets cancelled.

You can book the Altitude Skywalk through P&O’s My Holiday. You can do this before your cruise or once you get onboard.

You can also book it in-person at the kiosk outside Altitude Skywalk on Deck 19.

There are sessions during the day time with around 10 people in each session.

high ropes and mini golf on deck 19 arvia

When is Altitude Skywalk open?

The high ropes course is typically open from 9am to 5pm on sea days and from noon until 5pm on port days.

You can take a look at the Horizon daily newsletters to give you an idea of when it’s open.

The course is weather-dependant so it will only be open if the conditions are safe.

My Experience of Altitude Skywalk

I decided to give the Altitude Skywalk a try during my cruise on P&O Arvia. I’d previously experienced a high ropes course at Go Ape and had really enjoyed it.

As I wasn’t quite sure when I wanted to do the high ropes course on P&O Arvia, I waited until I was on the cruise. I booked a session in the afternoon of one of our sea days and found plenty of availability.

As instructed, I arrived 15 minutes before the start of the session to sign some forms, agreeing to follow instructions etc.

Once everyone had arrived, the instructor took us through how to put on the harness and use the safety clip system. There was a mock section of the course that we were able to practise on before being allowed to start the course.

I did find this useful because the instructor did talk quite quickly through the briefing and a bit of practise helped me to get to grips with what to do.

The safety clip system works by locking in one clip so you can’t unclip it until you attached the second clip. This meant that there was no way you could become totally unclipped from the high ropes course.

Helmets are available but not mandatory.

There are two start points to the Altitude Skywalk to ensure that a group can be divided into two to get on to the course quicker. I was thrown straight into the deep end with the ‘Walk the Plank’ section, which I completely bottled!

Being on the shorter side I did also find it difficult to reach the upper wire to clip on and off. There was a small step at each section I used in order to reach it.

There were definitely points around the course that were harder than others and I found the rope walks that you walked forwards across much easier than the ones you had to traverse sideways.

I did take the easier version of the spider web so I could walk along the wire instead of climbing along the ropes.

spider web high ropes on Arvia

The good thing was that there is an instructor supervising the course at all times. This means that if you need any help or encouragement, they can zip wire over to you.

Looking down towards the ocean from the high ropes course is a bit scary so my advice would be to concentrate on the section you’re on and try and forget you’re over 50 metres high!

Overall, I’m glad I had a go on Altitude Skywalk but it’s one and done for me. No need to go back again!


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    Very helpful! I think I am too chicken to do this, but my husband will love it next year!

    • Laura
      August 6, 2023 / 6:46 pm

      I was scared, definitely looks higher when you get up there!

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