What are the plug sockets on Tui River Cruises?

It’s important to know what type of plug sockets are onboard your river cruise ship to take the correct plug adapter or charging station. The plug sockets on Tui River Cruises are the same across all ships in the fleet but what do you need?

In this post, I share everything you need to know about plug sockets, adapters and charging stations for your river cruise on Tui Skyla, Tui Maya and Tui Isla.

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What plug sockets are on Tui River Cruises?

Tui River Cruises’ ships were originally built for the German market so they have European plug sockets. USB charging points can also be found in certain cabins.

I’ve done some research to confirm the plug sockets in each type of cabin so you can plan exactly what you need to bring.

Standard Cabin plug sockets

Standard cabins on Tui River Cruises have one European plug socket on either side of the bed. There is also an additional European plug socket by the desk that is used to charge your Vox headsets.

plug sockets in cabin on tui skyla
A European plug socket by the desk in a standard cabin

In the bathroom, there is a standard European plug socket that can be used for shavers or electric toothbrushes.

Plug sockets in Single Standard Cabins

Single Standard cabins have a European plug socket at the end of the bed above a small set of drawers. The Vox headset is plugged into this socket and there is another by the desk which can be used for the kettle or to charge devices.

What plug sockets are in Tui River Cruises Superior Cabins?

There are European plug sockets either side of the bed, one by the desk and a shaver point in the bathroom (also a European plug socket).

bathroom plug socket for shavers
There is a European point for shavers in all bathrooms

Plug sockets in French Balcony Cabins on Tui River Cruises

French balcony cabins have a European plug socket on either side of the bed. There is also an additional European plug socket by the desk that is used to charge your Vox headsets.

plug socket on tui river cruises beside bed
A plug socket is found either side of the bed

To use the kettle, you may need to unplug the Vox headset charger. Don’t forget to plug it back in again after using the kettle.

The bathroom has a European socket for a razor or electric toothbrush.

Superior French Balcony Cabin plug sockets

Superior French Balcony cabins offer more space than French Balcony cabins but no more plug sockets.

There are three European plug sockets in the bedroom area (either side of the bed and one by desk). In the bathroom there is a European socket for shavers.

Single French Balcony Cabin plug points

On Tui River cruises, Single French Balcony cabins have a European plug socket at the end of the bed above a small set of drawers. This is where the Vox headset can be charged.

plug sockets on Tui River Cruises single French Balcony cabin
A European plug socket is located at the end of the bed

A second European plug socket is located by the desk which can be used for the kettle or charging devices.

The European shaver point is in the bathroom.

What are the plug sockets in Tui French Balcony Suites?

French Balcony Suites are the biggest cabin type on Tui river ships and have the most amount of plug sockets.

There are two European plug sockets above the cupboard, this allows you to use the kettle and charge the Vox headsets simultaneously.

plug sockets on tui skyla
Two plug sockets to charge the Vox headsets and use kettle

There are another two European plug sockets above the large desk on the other side of the room. This is particular useful for charging devices and using the hairdryer.

european plug sockets on tui river cruises
Two European sockets above the large desk

On either side of the bed is a USB charging point, which can’t be found in any other cabin on Tui river ships.

USB port in french balcony suite
One USB charging point on either side of the bed

Finally, there is a European shaver point in the bathroom.

Plug Adapters for Tui River Cruise Ships

As Tui River Cruises caters for the British market, you will need to take a EU-UK plug adapter for your river cruise. You may also need to bring a extension lead or multi-adapter depending on how many electronic devices you need to charge.

Can you take an iron on a Tui River Cruise?

Here is Tui River Cruises’ advice on what electrical items you can bring on your river cruise:

In your cabin, personal grooming items such as hairdryers, travel irons, curling tongs, hair straighteners and shavers are permitted when used with proper caution. However, if such devices are determined to pose a hazard, they will be removed and returned on the last day of the cruise prior to disembarkation. We also ask that all electrical equipment is turned off when you leave the cabin and not left on charge. You may bring a four-way adapter or extension lead on board, but we ask that you let our team know so that these can be tested for safety. 

Tui River Cruises

Best Travel Adapters for U.K. Cruisers

Cruise passengers need to have plug adapters for the European plug sockets found on Tui River Cruises.

If you have a few devices that’ll need charging, you can choose one that allows you to charge up to four items. This means that you stay within the guidelines from Tui.

BazTechElectroS European Travel Adapter Plug, £11.99 Amazon

This travel adapter gives you the option to charge two devices with USB points and two with UK plugs.

travel adapter for tui river cruises

Schuko Travel Adapter, £17.99 Amazon

This is a compact option and means that you can make use of sockets if in banks of two.

travel adapter european plug sockets

ShaniTech 4 Gang Way Travel Adaptor Extension Lead, £19.49 Amazon

If you only need an adapter for UK plugs, this extension lead is a good idea.

extension lead for travel

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this post has helped you to decide what you should bring on your Tui river cruise. All Tui river ships are fitted with European plug sockets. It’s useful to know in advance so you can pack the right travel adapter or extension lead.

The worst case scenario is that you’ll have to purchase a travel adapter whilst you are in port.

If you have lots of devices that need charging, a multi-adapter is useful to pack.

To find out what’s included in your Tui River Cruise, I’d recommend reading 10 Things Included on a Tui River Cruise.


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