P&O Cruises ships by age and size

P&O Cruises currently has 5 cruise ships, with another (Arvia) currently being built. This post includes a list of P&O Cruises ships by age and size. This is a handy guide to help you decide which P&O ship is best for you.

List of P&O Cruises ships by age

The table below lists all P&O Cruises ships by age from oldest to youngest. It’s also useful to note when these ships were last refurbished.

Cruise ShipYear LaunchedLast Refurbished
Aurora2000April 2019
Arcadia2004November 2017
Ventura2007March 2018
Azura2009April 2020
Britannia2015November 2019

Which is the newest P&O Cruises ship?

MV Iona is the newest P&O Cruises ship and entered service in August 2021 after a delay due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

MV Arvia, launching in 2022, is the next cruise ship planned for P&O Cruises and will spend its first winter season in the Caribbean.

newest P&O Cruises ship Arvia

Which is the oldest P&O Cruises ship?

MV Aurora is the oldest cruise ship in the P&O fleet and was last refurbished in April 2019. It is one of two adult-only cruise ships owned by P&O Cruises.

List of P&O Cruises ships by size

The smallest ship in the P&O Cruises fleet is Aurora. Azura and Ventura are very similar in size and have the same passenger capacity. In comparison, the newest ship in the fleet, Iona, is the largest with a passenger capacity more than twice the size of Arcadia’s.

Cruise shipNo. of PassengersGross TonnageLengthNo. of Decks

Which is the largest P&O Cruises ship?

Iona is the largest P&O Cruises ship. The ship has 19 decks and can accommodate 5,206 passengers. It is the first British cruise ship to be powered by liquified natural gas (LNG) making it the greenest ship in the P&O fleet. Iona is a Excel class ship and has a variety of new features such as the first gin distillery at sea and new conservatory mini-suites.

Which P&O Cruises ship is the best?

This is very subjective, depending on what you enjoy. If you don’t want to cruise on a large ship, I would recommend booking on Arcadia, Azura or Ventura but be aware that these are the oldest in the fleet. One benefit of these ships is that the public areas and balconies are likely to be bigger than the newer ships.

If you prefer cruising exclusively with adults, Arcadia is the ship for you because the rest of the fleet is family-friendly.

Britannia is a Royal-class ship and sister to Royal and Regal Princess and remains the flagship. To learn more about Britannia, you should take a look at this Ultimate Guide to Britannia.

P&O Cruises ships by age Arvia is the newest

The newest ship, Iona, is much larger, with a lot of venues and restaurants to choose from. You can take a look at how Iona and Arvia compare to see which you should book.


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