What are the plug sockets on P&O Cruises?

You may think that cruising with a British cruise line would mean that it only has UK plug sockets but you would be wrong! It’s important to note that not all P&O ships are the same and the plug sockets on P&O Cruises differ ship-by-ship.

In this post, I have compiled a comprehensive list of the plug sockets on each P&O cruise ship and which adapters and charging stations you are allowed to take on your cruise.

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What plug sockets are on P&O Cruises?

P&O Cruises’ ships have mainly U.K. plug sockets but some ships also include European sockets and U.S. sockets. USB charging points have been introduced on P&O Cruises’ newest ships.

I have done some research to confirm the plug sockets on each P&O cruise ship so you can plan exactly what you may need to bring.

What is clear is that the plug sockets on P&O Cruises differ slightly from ship-to-ship.

Cruise ShipU.K. socketsEuropean socketsU.S. socketsUSB point

Arcadia plug sockets

P&O Arcadia has a U.K. and a European plug socket. For this reason, it would be worth packing a travel adapter and power strip. If you are taking a few devices that need charging, I recommend a multi-adapter.

There is a electric shaver socket in the bathroom that can be switched to either 240v or 115v. The power supply on Arcadia is 220V / 110V / 60HZ.

electric shaver point in the bathroom plug sockets on P&O Cruises
Electric shaver point in the bathroom

Plug sockets on Arvia

Arvia is the sister-ship to Iona so there is an assumption that the plug sockets are the same. There are a range of plug sockets on Arvia with the addition of USB points on either side of the bed (found under the reading light). There are plenty of U.K. three-pin plug sockets in cabins and one European plug socket.

The power supply on Arvia is 230V / 60HZ.

Aurora plug sockets

On Aurora, you will find only U.K. power sockets, which makes it nice and simple for U.K. cruisers. There’s no need to bring travel adapters but you may want to bring a power strip to increase the number of outlets. This is one of the only ships that just has U.K. plug sockets.

The power supply on Aurora is 220V / 60HZ.

What plug sockets are on P&O Azura?

Azura has mostly U.K. plug sockets with one standard U.S. plug fitting. There are limited plug sockets in most cabins so it’s worth packing a U.K. non-surge protected power adapter. If you use an electric razor there is a power point in the bathroom.

The power supply on Azura is 230V / 115V / 60HZ.

P&O Britannia sockets

On Britannia cruise ship, you will find U.K. three-pin power sockets that are situated throughout the cabin.

You will also find one or two U.S. plug sockets in cabins.

Despite being one of the newer ships in the fleet, it does not have USB ports. The power supply on Britannia is 230V / 120V / 60HZ.

plug sockets on P&O Cruises Britannia
Inside cabin on Britannia has plug sockets by the desk

What plug sockets are on Iona?

P&O Iona has multiple U.K. plug sockets in cabins and one European plug socket. The bathroom has a electric razor point. A nice feature are single USB points on either side of the bed under the bedside lamps.

The power supply on Iona is 230V / 60HZ.

Ventura plug sockets

On Ventura, there at least two U.K. three-pin sockets by the desk. These are very close together so can be difficult to use at the same time. There is also one U.S. plug socket next to the telephone and a shaver point on the bathroom.

The power supply on Ventura is 230V / 115V / 60HZ.

Plug Adapters for P&O Cruise Ships

If you need to take a plug adapter to use on a cruise ship, you need to make sure you choose one that is suitable for a ship. Cruise ship sockets are different to those on land and therefore you should pick a non-surge protector plug adapter.

A plug adapter with a surge protector runs the risk of overloading the circuit, causing electrical damage and fire. This is why it’s important to check your adapter doesn’t have surge protection built in. If it does, it may be confiscated by P&O Cruises on arrival.

All (electrical) equipment will need to be carried on board as hand luggage and upon embarkation will be required to contact Reception so that an Electrical Officer can check the equipment is compatible with the ships electrical supply prior to sailing. All cabins are fitted with the British three pin sockets.

Immersion heaters, heating blankets, clothes irons, electric steamers, water heaters, coffee machines with heating / hot plates are not allowed onboard.

P&O Cruises

You can take a look at the full list of prohibited items on P&O Cruises.

Best Adapters for plug sockets on P&O Cruises

U.K. cruise passengers may need plug adapters for the U.S. and European plug sockets sometimes found on P&O Cruises.

These are tricky to find but I did come across a non-surge protected adapter at Screwfix. The best solution is to use this U.K. non-surge protected power adapter in the U.K. plug sockets.

If you have a few devices that’ll need charging, you can choose one that allows you to charge up to four items and make the most of the European plug sockets.

BazTechElectroS European Travel Adapter Plug, £11.99 Amazon

This travel adapter gives you the option to charge two devices with USB points and two with UK plugs.

travel adapter for tui river cruises

Schuko Travel Adapter, £17.99 Amazon

This is a compact option that allows up to three devices to be charged at the same time.

travel adapter european plug sockets

Final Thoughts about Plug Sockets on P&O Cruises

Hopefully this post will help you to decide what you should bring on your P&O cruise. All P&O Cruises’ ships are fitted with U.K. plug sockets. Some also feature U.S. and European sockets. It’s useful to know in advance so you can pack the right travel adapter or power strip.

The worst case scenario is that you have a power strip confiscated by security if it’s not deemed safe.

If you have lots of devices that need charging, a multi-adapter is a useful item to pack. You may be able to purchase one from the an onboard shop.


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