Complete Tui River Cruises Drinks Guide

Tui River Cruises offers passengers the option to purchase an All-inclusive Drinks Package on its river cruise ships but do you need it? In this Tui River Cruises Drinks Guide, I explain what’s included in the drinks package and list the drinks prices onboard so you can decide for yourself if you want the package. These prices are correct as of August 2022.

Tui River Cruise ship lounge
Tui River Cruise ship Observatory Lounge, photo credit: Tui

Tui River Cruises Drinks Package

The All-inclusive Drinks Package costs £126 per person, per week. £18 per person, per day is very good value if you enjoy a drink or two.

This drinks package includes a selection of wines, beers and ciders, cocktails, branded spirits and aperitifs, premium coffees from the Club Lounge and a range of soft drinks.

Like many other cruise drinks packages, you cannot buy the drinks package for one person in your booking, everyone in your cruise booking will need to purchase the drinks package. This prevents passengers sharing a drinks package.

When you are onboard, the Tui River Cruises drinks package can be used for alcoholic drinks from 10.00am to midnight. Soft drinks are available at any time.

How do you add the Tui River Cruise All-inclusive Drinks Package?

You can add the drinks package at the time of booking, later in time before your cruise (by calling 0203 451 2688) or when you get onboard.

What Drinks are Included in a Tui River Cruise?

It’s important to be aware that soft drinks, tea, coffee, beer and wine is included in your cruise fare during mealtimes. This means that you don’t pay extra if you order these drinks with your meals. It doesn’t include cocktails and spirits.

Each cabin on a Tui River Cruise has tea and coffee making facilities and there is a complimentary hot drinks station in the Atrium.

Once on each river cruise, there is a buffet Afternoon Tea in the Observatory Lounge.

Does Tui River Cruises have a Happy Hour?

Yes, Happy Hour is every evening from 6.30pm to 7.30pm in the ship’s Observatory Lounge. During this time you can enjoy discounted drinks.

Tui River Cruises Drinks Menu with Prices

To help you get an idea of prices on Tui river ships, I’ve included a list of drinks and prices. Prices are in Euros and include service and VAT.

Hot Drinks

The tea served onboard Tui River Cruises is Twinings.

Price (€)
Double Espresso2.25
Latte Machiato3.25
Hot Chocolate3.00
Hot Chocolate with whipped cream3.50
English Breakfast Tea1.50
Earl Grey Tea1.50
Fruit Tea (Blueberry & Elderflower)1.50
Green Tea with mint1.50
Rooibos Tea with vanilla & caramel1.50
Fresh Mint Tea3.50

Mineral Water

SizePrice (€)
Geroisteiner Sparkling250ml2.25
Geroisteiner Sparkling750ml3.90

Soft Drinks

SizePrice (€)
Coca-Cola Light200ml2.50
Coca-Cola Zero200ml2.50
Fanta Orange200ml2.50
Schweppes Bitter Lemon200ml2.75
Schweppes Slimline Tonic200ml2.75
Fever Tree Slimline Tonic200ml3.75
Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic200ml3.75
Fever Tree Ginger Beer Tonic200ml3.75
Schweppes Ginger Ale 200ml2.75
Sparkling Apple Juice200ml2.50
Sparkling Apple Juice500ml4.50
Elderflower Cordial200ml3.75


All juices come served as 200ml and are €2.75. The choice onboard is:

  • Apple
  • Orange
  • Grapefruit
  • Pineapple
  • Tropical
  • Tomato
  • Cranberry

Sparkling Wine

SizePrice (€)
Mimosa (Prosecco & orange juice)100cl5.50
Aperol Spritz (Prosecco, Aperol & soda water)200cl7.50
Martini Fierro (Prosecco, Martini, soda)200cl7.50


All drinks on this section of the menu are served in 50ml measures.

Price (€)
Vermouth (red, white, dry)3.75
Sherry (medium, dry)3.75
Port (red, white)3.75
Tui Club Lounge Bar
Tui River Cruises Club Lounge Bar, photo credit: Tui

White Wine Menu

Wine is served as standard 150ml measurements.

Price (€)
House white wine dry3.75
Pinot Grigio4.25
Riesling Pfalz4.50
Chardonnay Rafale4.75
KWV Contemporary Sauvignon Blanc5.25
Riesling (alcohol free)3.00

Rose Wine

There is only one Rose wine available onboard, a house Rose is priced at €3.75 for 15cl (150ml).

Red Wine List

Price (€)
House red wine3.75
Pinot Noir Allendorf4.25
Domaine Boyar Merlot Reserve5.25
Domfelder Pfalz4.50
Cabernet Sauvignon Rafale4.75
Shiraz (alcohol free)3.00

Tui River Cruises Drinks: Beer and Cider

The beer and cider menu has a variety of international options, including gluten-free and alcohol free choices. The ‘Beer of the Cruise’ is local to the destinations of your cruise.

Size (ml)Price (€)
Warsteiner draught2503.00
Warsteiner draught4004.50
Warsteiner non-alcoholic3303.00
Radler Shandy2503.00
Radler Shandy4004.50
Lammsbrau gluten-free beer3304.00
Konig Ludwig white or dark beer3304.75
Beer of the Cruise4.00
Sommersby Apple Cider3304.25

Long Drinks

Price (€)
Rum Cola6.50
Campari Orange6.50
Campari Soda6.50
Vodka Lemon / Vodka Orange6.50

Gin and Tonic

There are five gin and tonic choices onboard Tui river ships, with the option to add Fever Tree tonic for an additional €1.

Price (€)
Beefeater Dry6.50
Bombay Sapphire7.50
Woodland Pink Gin8.00


Size (ml)Price (€)
Jenever, Old Jenever (Dutch Gin)203.00
Nordhauser Doppelkorn203.00
Eaux de Vie203.25
Smirnoff Vodka405.00
Absolut Vodka405.50
Gordon’s Gin405.00
Beefeater Dry Gin405.00
Bombay Sapphire Gin406.00
Hendricks Gin407.00


Whiskey is served in 40ml measures.

Price (€)
Ballantine’s Scotch5.50
Johnny Walker Red Label5.50
Jameson Irish Whiskey5.50
Glenfiddich Scotch Malt8.00
Jack Daniels Bourbon7.50
Tui River Cruises lounge
Tui River Cruises Maya, photo credit: Tui

Cognac Menu

Cognac is served in 40ml measures.

Price (€)
Asbach Gilbert6.50
Hennessey V.S.7.50


Size (ml)Price (€)
Amaretto di Saronno405.00
Southern Comfort405.00
Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge405.50
Tia Maria405.00

Tui River Cruises Drinks Cocktail Menu

There is a special ‘Cocktail of the Day’ that is €7.50, you can ask a member of the bar staff to let you know what’s on offer each day.

Price (€)
Pina Colada8.00
Southern Hurricane8.00
Long Island Iced Tea8.00
Mai Tai8.00
Bloody Mary6.50
Tequila Sunrise6.50
Espresso Martini8.00
Tui River Explorer (gin, Aperol, lime juice, grapefruit, tonic water)8.50
Singapore Sling9.00
Orange Negroni8.50

Mocktail Menu

The ‘Mocktail of the Day’ is €5.00 and you can ask a member of the bar staff to let you know what’s on offer each day.

All other mocktails are €6.00 and you can choose from:

  • Virgin Colada
  • Bubbles without Troubles (grape juice, elderflower syrup, lemon juice, sparkling water, herbal tea)
  • Raspberry Mocktail (raspberry syrup, lime, mint, Sprite)
Tui River maya lounge
Tui Maya’s Observatory Lounge, photo credit: Tui

Key Information about Tui River Cruises Drinks

  • Tui River Cruises offers complimentary drinks with meals, this is similar to other river cruise lines such as AmaWaterways
  • Although it isn’t all-inclusive, you can purchase a drinks package for £126 for the week (£18pppd)
  • There’s a daily Happy Hour when you can enjoy discounted cocktails, beers, wine and spirits
  • Drinks prices are what you would expect to pay in a high street bar
  • There are excursions that include wine tasting
  • You can bring your own alcohol on board but it must be consumed in your cabin to avoid a corkage fee


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