AmaWaterways Gratuities Guide

Here’s a comprehensive guide to Amawaterways Gratuities to help you plan and budget for your next European river cruise.

AmaWaterways does not include gratuities in its cruise fare. Unlike many cruise lines, it does not automatically add daily gratuities to your onboard account. Instead, AmaWaterways gratuities are left to your discretion and ultimately, your experience of the service. This means you can choose the amount to tip.

Disclaimer: I was invited to cruise onboard AmaMagna as part of a VIP Fam Trip organised by AmaWaterways.

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How do AmaWaterways Gratuities Work?

At the end of your AmaWaterways river cruise, you are given the option to pay gratuities by cash or credit card.

Two cash envelopes are left in your stateroom (one for crew, one for the Cruise Manager). A deposit box for these gratuity envelopes is situated by the Reception Desk.

Gratuities paid by credit card can be made at the Reception Desk.

Crew gratuities: these gratuities are divided equally amongst the crew. This task involves the Hotel Manager and another member of staff physically opening every gratuity envelope and dividing the cash evenly. Gratuities paid by credit card can be electronically divided between the crew.

Cruise Manager: the Cruise Manager is tipped separately from the river ship crew.

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What Currency are AmaWaterways Gratuities?

Gratuities that are paid by credit card will be in Euros for all European river cruises. You may want to use a credit card with a 0% currency conversion for gratuities. This will avoid additional changes from you credit card provider.

It is recommended that cash gratuities are given in Euros.

AmaWaterways does not accept Traveller’s Checks onboard.

Mekong: All onboard charges are in Vietnamese Dong. Payable in cash (USD or Vietnamese Dong) or with credit card. Pre-paid credit cards are not accepted.

Africa: All onboard charges are in US Dollars. Payable in cash in the following currencies: US Dollar, Rand (South Africa), Pula (Botswana), Tanzanian Shilling (Tanzania) and credit card (Mastercard/Visa, not American Express). Pre-paid charge cards are not accepted.

AmaWaterways gratuities guide

What are the Recommended Gratuities for AmaWaterways?

To help guests, the following guidance is offered by AmaWaterways:

7-night river cruise

Crew gratuities: 100 Euros per person for a 7-night river cruise (120 Euros on AmaMagna)

Cruise Manager: 25 Euros per person for a 7-night river cruise

For example, two people on a 7-night river cruise are recommended to pay 145 Euros each or 290 Euros in total. Remember, this is simply a guide and you are free to choose how you show your appreciation to the crew and Cruise Manager.

10-night river cruise

Crew gratuities: 143 Euros per person

Cruise Manager: 36 Euros per person

11-night river cruise

Crew gratuities: 158 Euros per person

Cruise Manager: 40 Euros per person

14-night cruise

Crew gratuities: 200 Euros per person

Cruise Manager: 50 Euros per person

If you have booked extended land stays with AmaWaterways, it’s recommended to tip the Cruise Manager an additional 4 Euros per guest, per additional day.

Recommended gratuities for non-European river cruises.

Should I Tip Tour Guides on an AmaWaterways River Cruise?

It is customary to tip the motorcoach driver and tour guide up to 2 Euros on AmaWaterways excursions.

AmaWaterways gratuities excursions

AmaWaterways Pre-Paid Gratuities

You can choose to pre-pay the gratuities for your AmaWaterways river cruise. This can be done with your travel agent or directly with AmaWaterways before your river cruise.

What is included on an AmaWaterways river cruise?

AmaWaterways includes many things within the cruise fare including excursions, wellness activities and onboard Wi-Fi. Full list of everything included in an AmaWaterways river cruise.

AmaWaterways gratuities guide


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