NEW 6th Street Diner Menu on P&O Arvia

The 6th Street Diner is a brand new complimentary dining restaurant exclusive to P&O Arvia. The Diner serves brunch and dinner daily with a menu serving American classics. In this article, we take a closer look at the 6th Street Diner menu on P&O Arvia with photos and our review.

Where is the 6th Street Diner on P&O Arvia?

The 6th Street Diner is located on Deck 6 aft on the port side. It’s almost directly opposite The Olive Grove (another complimentary restaurant on Arvia) and close to the Meridian main dining room.

How much is the 6th Street Diner on Arvia?

This restaurant is included in your cruise fare so there is nothing to pay apart from drinks.

P&O Arvia 6th Street Diner opening times

The 6th Street Diner is open for brunch and dinner.

Brunch is served from 10.00am to 2.00pm.

Dinner is served from 5.30pm to 9.30pm.

P&O Arvia 6th street diner menu brunch

How to book a table at the 6th Street Diner on P&O Arvia

For brunch, there are two options for dining at the 6th Street Diner:

  1. Go to My Holiday app/webpage on your smartphone and join the virtual queue
  2. Go to the 6th Street Diner front desk and ask for a table, you’ll likely be given a buzzer that will alert you when a table is available (just don’t leave Deck 6 while you wait)

For dinner at the 6th Street Diner there are three options:

  1. Reserve a table before your Arvia cruise (up to 14 days before) on your P&O Cruises account. tables can be booked for times between 5.30pm to 6.30pm
  2. Join the virtual queue on My Holiday
  3. Go to the 6th Street Diner front desk and ask for a table, you’ll likely be given a buzzer that will alert you when a table is available (just don’t leave Deck 6 while you wait)

P&O Arvia 6th Street Diner Menu: Brunch

Brunch is served daily from 10.00am to 2.00pm. This is an ideal complimentary breakfast option if you decide to sleep in because the main dining rooms close at 9.30am for breakfast.

6th Street Diner Menu on P&O Arvia
Brunch Menu B

All-Day Breakfast

The All AmericanStreaky bacon, smashed sausage patties, eggs sunny-side-up, tater tots and smoky Boston baken beans (gf)
Breakfast BurritoSpicy scrambled tofu, black beans, jalapeños, guacamole and pico de gallo (vegan friendly)
6th Street HashChoose from salt beef or halloumi served with home-style potatoes, fried egg, roasted bell peppers and griddle onions (gf)

Pancakes and Waffles

Buttermilk Pancake StackChoose from:
Streaky bacon, jammy blueberry
Chocolate and torched banana
All served with a maple syrup pot
Fried Chicken & WafflesButter and maple syrup


The brunch appetisers cater for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and meat eaters. We tried the buffalo wings with blue cheese dip.

NachosRainbow corn tortillas, guacamole, pico de gallo, jalapenos, melty hot cheese sauce and lime crema (v/gf)
Tots & PopperCrispy tater tots, Cajun cauliflower poppers, smoky BBQ ketchup and a herby garlic dip (vegan friendly)
Buffalo WingsFive crispy wings tossed in Buffalo sauce with a blue cheese dressing
P&O Arvia 6th Street Diner Brunch buffalo wings
Buffalo wings from the 6th Street Diner brunch menu


We chose the Shrimp Po’ Boy and Sticky Pork Ribs. Of the two dishes, the Shrimp Po’ Boy was the better one with plenty of shrimp and good mix of flavours. It wasn’t the easiest thing to eat but definitely recommended.

The Sticky Pork Ribs were a bit tougher than expected and were just OK.

BBQ-Glazed Flat-Iron ChickenKansas City dry rub, disco rice and corn relish (gf)
Shrimp Po’ BoyCajun-fried jumbo shrimp, lettuce, beef tomatoes and creole mayo in a hoagie roll with fries
California ClubSquashed avocado, spring onion rosti, tomato salsa, carrot ribbons, rainbow slaw and charred sweetcorn with fries and 6th Street dip (vegan friendly)
Sticky Pork RibsFries, pickles, raw slaw and smoky BBQ dip (gf)
Shrimp po boy 6th Street Diner brunch lunch menu
Shrimp Po’ Boy, very tasty but a bit messy to eat
sticky pork ribs from 6th street diner menu
Sticky Pork Ribs


There is one salad on the P&O Arvia 6th Street Diner Brunch menu and is similar to the Shrimp Po’ Boy without the bread roll.

Shrimp Louis Cajun jumbo shrimp, Romaine lettuce, cucumber, charred corn and Old Bay dressing (gf)

Side Dishes

To accompany your main dishes during brunch, the 6th Street Diner offers two sides you can order. Both are suitable for vegetarians and gluten-free.

Loaded Fries6th Street seasoning and sizzling cheese sauce (v/gf)
Cajun Corn RibsWith coriander crema (v/gf)
6th street diner loaded fries
Loaded Fries


We dined at the 6th Street Diner at around 11.00am so having dessert seemed a bit too much for us but the Banana Split sounded particularly good.

Mississippi Mud PieWhipped cream and sticky chocolate sauce (v/gf)
Strawberry ShortcakeFresh strawberries, shortcake, strawberry ice cream, meringue and whipped cream (v)
Banana SplitTorched banana, vegan ‘nice’ cream and toasted almonds (Vegan friendly/gf/ls)
Good Ol’ Fashioned Apple PieServed warm with whipped cream (v)

P&O Arvia 6th Street Diner: Brunch Drinks

Drinks served at the 6th Street Diner are an additional fee but are included in the drinks package as long as they’re within the price limit.

Some wines by the glass, classic cocktails, non-alcoholic cocktails and soft drinks are included in the Classic Drinks Package.

We opted to try two of the sodas: root beer and blueberry muffin soda for £3.50 each (we didn’t have a drinks package). Having never tried a root beer before, we weren’t sure what to expect but Germolene did spring to mind when we tasted it!

P&O Arvia 6th Street Diner Menu: Dinner

Dinner is served daily from 5.30pm to 9.30pm. There are two menus that change approximately every three days. To check the menu, there’s a screen outside the 6th Street Diner so you can browse it before dining.

There’s a wider selection on the menu at dinner and it’s worth noting that the menu is completely different to brunch.

Service is fairly quick at the 6th Street Diner so is a good option if you’re planning to see a show later in the evening.

P&O Arvia 6th Street Diner dinner menu
6th Street Diner Dinner Menu A

Appetisers at the 6th Street Diner

We felt that there was a good selection of appetisers to choose from for dinner at the 6th Street Dinner on Arvia.

We opted for the Reuben Croquettes, New England Clam Chowder and Corn Tortilla Trio. All dishes had lots of flavour. We didn’t expect the tortillas to be ‘bitesize’ but it’s a great option for those not wanting to fill up too early – and save more room for dessert!

Reuben CroquettesHouse salt beef, Gruyere, sauerkraut and hot mustard
New England Clam ChowderSweet clams, smoked haddock, sweetcorn and garlic crouton crunch
Honey CornbreadWhipped jalapeno butter and honey pot (v)
Corn Tortilla TrioTopped with guacamole, heirloom tomato salsa, coriander, lime and palm heart and avocado ceviche (vegan friendly, gf)
6th Street ChurrosChipotle cheese sauce, chilli salt and charred lime (v)
Royal CaesarCharred baby gem, corn-fed chicken, crispy chicken skin, Parmesan, bagel chips and Caesar dressing
croquettes 6th street diner dinner menu
Reuben Croquettes
clam chowder 6th street diner P&O Cruises
New England Clam Chowder
Corn Tortilla Trio 6th Street Diner P&O Arvia
Corn Tortilla Trio

Menu for Dinner at the 6th Street Diner

There are seven dishes to choose from on the main menu at the 6th Street Diner.

Home-style Pot PieMushrooms, charred corn and snow peas under a puff pastry lid served with creamed potatoes, tenderstem broccoli, kale, button mushrooms, mustard and herb gravy (vegan friendly)
Shrimp n GritsCajun jumbo shrimp on buttery, cheesy, slow-cooked cornmeal with wilted greens (gf)
Nashville Hot Chicken SandwichCrispy chicken breast, tangy slaw and pickles in a brioche bun served with fries and fiery mayo.
6th Street NY StripSteak relish, crispy shallots, grilled asparagus, spinach and a garlic butter served with fries
Baby Back RibsSticky Carolina baste, pickles, fries and tumbled slaw (gf)
Louisiana BBQ ChickenCreamed potatoes, collard greens and Louisiana BBQ sauce (gf)
Loaded Hasselback SquashMaple chipotle glaze, mac ‘n’ cheese bites and dinner slaw (v)

The main courses were well presented and we particularly liked the quirky messages on the tableware.

The steak was cooked to our preference. The Shrimp n Grits was a bit of a risk but definitely worth it, the cornmeal was smooth and buttery.

P&O Arvia 6th street diner shrimp n grits
Shrimp n Grits
chicken burger 6th street diner P&O Cruises
Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich
steak 6th Street Diner dinner menu
6th Street NY Strip
chicken dish 6th street diner dinner menu
Louisiana BBQ Chicken

Dessert Menu at the 6th Street Diner

If you have room for dessert, there are five to choose from!

The Fried Apple Hush Puppies are best described as sweet doughnut balls and weren’t too greasy at all. This dessert might be good for sharing.

The Key Lime Pie was definitely more like a lemon meringue pie and the top layer resembled a marshmallow.

Brooklyn Blackout CakeDark chocolate sponge and rich chocolate buttercream served with whipped cream (v/gf)
Coconut and Rum CakeRum-soaked coconut madelines, mango and lime salsa, coconut ice cream and pineapple rum gel (vegan friendly/gf/ls)
Gooey St Louis CakeHoney and lemon sponge served with whipped cream (v)
Fried Apple HushpuppiesServed warm with cinnamon sugar and vanilla cream dip (v)
Key Lime PieGraham cracker crust and candied lime (v)
fried hush puppies dessert
Fried Apple Hushpuppies
key lime pie
Key Lime Pie

6th Street Diner Dinner Drinks Menu

The drinks menu is the same as the brunch drinks menu, you will find the same wine, beer and cider available. The same cocktails are also available whether you dine here at lunch or dinner.

If there’s something you particularly like to drink that’s not available on the 6th Street Diner menu, you can always bring it with you from Anderson’s Bar nearby.

Final Thoughts and Review of 6th Street Diner Menu on P&O Arvia

The 6th Street Diner is definitely a step in a completely different direction for P&O Cruises. We were excited to try it on our Arvia cruise and dined here for one lunch and dinner.

Arvia has certainly been designed to cater for a younger demographic and the 6th Street Diner is a new casual alternative to the traditional main dining rooms.

We also appreciated that this is a later breakfast option if you didn’t feel like braving the busy buffet mid-mornings.

The restaurant itself is very well decorated to make you feel like you’re stepping into an authentic American Diner from the 50s, complete with a jukebox and rock and roll music playing. There’s a playfulness about it from the pop art decor to choosing your own song on the jukebox.

It feels like it could almost be a low-cost specialty dining restaurant given the theme and the quality of the dishes. If there had been a small cover charge we would not have been shocked.

We definitely found some hits and misses throughout the menus but overall this restaurant was a refreshing change for P&O Cruises.

Take a look at the other complimentary dining restaurants on P&O Arvia to see the seven other food options included in your cruise fare.

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